Spring Retainer

Why oh Why does CYMA have to be so different all the time. First, it was the “Cylinder Head and Nozzle”. I finally end up getting the factory replacement in an alloy, good quality, but you pay for it and now as the last of my external parts are landing in-country (YaY), I remembered somewhere, it was said if you upgrade your spring it is probably best to also upgrade the retainer, ensure you get one with the bearings in the end for smooth spring rotation. So, I get the CYMA plastic one out…six centimetres long and with four cross pieces to connect in. The circumference is 15mm to 16mm dependant on where you measure, so I think it might have a slight taper on it.
So, what options are there for me to use as an upgrade path, I have seen some posts with springs pushing the plastic ones out after time because of the pressure and spring rotation. I am happy to use a shorter buffer retainer screw as the existing one is going to be too long anyway when I remove some end tube.

Well for the benefit of other CYMA owners who are into making changes I have found out the following. The Spring Retainer; original is said to be metal, but I have doubts. The old Gen8 and V2 retainers won’t work…but, the Gen9 seems to be a good substitute. The original uses a 4x cross head retainer pattern while the Gen9 only uses 2 cross pins, but they are a very snug fit into the position.
Other news is the cylinder head and Nozzle can be swapped with V3 or LDT quite well, but always check as they change rapidly thee days.
I have also learnt that the Angle of Engagement is out quite a bit and if using the original cylinder plunger, removing the first tooth will get you close, about 95 to 98% AofE. As I am using an aftermarket plunger with a metal rack, I will have to measure this now and see what it is like.
Plenty of Dremel time ahead anyway.
Must remember to take build photos as I go… Note to one’s Hippocampus to turn on!