Springs Gen9 and J10

So I ordered a couple of 1.3mm unequal springs for my Gen9 and J10… but they sent me equal/even springs instead… should I whinge… or are even springs as good or even better than unequal springs?

What is the difference? Is it noticeable? or not worth worrying about? They are both nylon gearboxes… more upgrades coming… have metal gears and bearings, better motors and all of the usual upgrades on the way… the 1.3mm springs are just to start upgrading while they are both still quite stock…

Give them a go, sometimes the equal springs work well , the spring quality also plays a big part.
A crap unequal spring won’t be as good as a higher quality equal spring and vice versa.
Get yourself a few different springs and try them all and see which one suits the particular setup.

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The unequal spring is supposed to be easier on the gears, I can’t say for sure if that is right but to me they do seem smoother and easier to tune.

I’ll stretch each end a bit and make it unequal :rofl:

I have 4 unequal 1.4mm springs for my monster (Gen9) I am building… but have metal gears and spunger set for that… or those… one will be 33.5cm barrel and the other will be more of a pistol size… short barrel and no butt stock… with a 3S battery from one of my heli’s mounted external where the buffer tube should be… so it can be my BUG… back up gun… for close up stuff :+1::grin:

I bet you will stretch each end a bit !
But how will that help your blaster ?

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I have actually read somewhere that someone slightly stretched a stock spring and got a little more fps? It might have been Guido when he compared springs… can’t remember now.

Carefully stretching a spring would give it a little more preload I guess?

What is most important is that the spring can compress enough when the piston is drawn back… I have heard of people having a spring to long when compressed and stripping gears (or stalling motor etc = damage)

Stretching the spring won’t cause a jam because it doesn’t change the compressed length.
Stretching the spring can definitely make it harder to compress so in turn retain more energy, personally I don’t like stretching springs as it can damage the tempering and ruin it.


Which are the best springs on ebay? Is unequal better than equal? Which material is best? The steel, manganese steel, piano wire?

I am looking at ordering some 1.3’s for metal gear, nylon Gen 8 and Gen 9 gearboxes, with stainless cylinders and all that… so, which have you guys had the most success with, or reckon has the most punch?

I am guessing that 1.3 manganese unequal would be somewhere near the top?:thinking:

Whatta y’all reckon?

So far I have these… I wont be using the 1.4’s any time soon… but I got 2 of the 1.3 that came equal, instead of unequal… I have one in a friends Gen 9 and it slams pretty hard. I am surprised how hard it hits, the springs look like just plain steel… they were even a little surface rusty in the packet… that is why I think manganese might be better… humid around here… everything rusts before your eyes :woozy_face:

Can you put links to what 1.3 springs you reckon work best…

Those names are just marketing hype.
Quality springs are made from EN45 steel which has manganese in its composition and piano wire is spring steel .

My advice is to buy from a reputable source so you know what you are getting.
I personally like the springs from X-Force .

An un equal is not allways best and it depends on the components used , ie piston weight etc.
You need to get hold of both and try them in your setups.
The spring is one of the cheapest components you will buy to upgrade your blaster so don’t skimp on it.