SSG 69 Sniper Rifle

Anybody know when this blaster will be available from other retailers than M4A1?

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Yeah they seem to have the monopoly on it.
The cammo one looks cool.
All sold out here in Adelaide though…
I find it incredibly interesting that when I go to that shop and ask a question about stuff on their web page they know nothing about it…
Its as if they dont look at their company’s own web page.
They dont have the swifthawk. They have the ZM02!!!
(sry 4 rant)
me go now…


Anybody know if its possible to get this posted to WA?

If you are buying it from overeast then no drama unless the shop has its own policy about only shipping to certain states

I can only find it on M4A1 Gel blaster and they dont ship to WA

Pretty much bugged then unless u can ask someone nicely on the forum if you can buy it and send it to there house then they forward it to you in return for a box of a cool refreshing beverage.

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Is there many upgrade options for the SSG 69 yet?

Anyone have any updates on this being sold at stores other than M4A1? would love to be able to get my hands on the SSG69 Steyr Gel Blaster Camoflauge but they dont ship to WA

Just use a freight forwarder, have the rifle sent to them and then they send it on to you.

I just watched a YT video, and at 28 metres (out of the box)was not that accurate. Are there any similar sniper/bolt action units that have a decent range like this, with better accuracy (once upgraded?) where they ship other than Qld/SA?
Nice looking unit.

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it is a good looking unit and it feels solid in hand but the accuracy could be better but its a good out of the box performance

Anyone know of any possible upgrades for this or even an upgrade kit?

I’m prob late to the party but -