SSG69 Spring help

I’m looking to pick your brains with the springs in these blasters. I’ve heard from alot of people that they’re a bit obscure and hard to find. I’ve also heard from others you can use the M24 springs and just stretch them out abit to fit?

Does anyone here know we’re I could get a stronger spring for one or what I could do to up the fps in the blaster?

Thankyou :slight_smile:

I’ll measure my m24 spares tomorrow for you

What do you have in it at present?

turns out i have 2 kicking about

11.35OD 1.52CS 207L

12.15 OD 1.39CS 203L

Just the standard spring, I’ve yet to open it up and take it out but all the shops I’ve contacted say it’s some strange spring that nowhere seems to have haha

Hope this helps. I used spacers instead of altering the spring. From memory it’s a 12mm diameter so the usual 14mm ones will not fit.
Have the springs now but am happy with 300fps.
Details in the pic.

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