Stage 1 complete

Being an utter newb to gel blasters I am happy with my first “ground-up” attempt. Internally it’s an, all nylon box, green o-ring, 1.2 spring, silver wire kit, alloy barrel, DK hop-up. So pretty basic really. I have used XT-60 connectors throughout. I used heavy gauge 2 core double insulated wire from the silver wire through the front sling mount into the PEQ housing. The PEQ houses a 2200 mAh turnigy battery (7.4v). So it works, next I will build a better gearbox, Singularity housing, SHS internals, etc. etc. and swap it out when I am finished…1



Well done…

Of course… we all know you could give up gel blasters any time…

if you wanted to rofl


Yesss I know what you mean, will now have to switch working to my M4J9 with its SLR receiver and Fighting Bros V3 gearbox already sitting ready to be modified further :smiley:

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