Starting a DSG build

Hey everyone I have been looking into making a DSG build because I think it would fun to get a mad fire rate. Where do you guys get most of your parts and what parts should I get, such as spring, motor, piston rack, etc. I have owned blasters for a long time but am only just getting into the modding side of things. Any tips on stuff I should know getting into this would be greatly appreciated.
Been watching Hiroshima Screamer on YouTube and I think I have become a bit of a fan boy for his content. His builds are just insane. Inspired me to start a DSG build.

Hey mate this topic has been covered across multiple threads before. Because DSG can be complex I suggest searching through the threads for advice on setting it all up. But to get you started you’ll need a half rack, DSG sector gear, heavy main spring, heavy return spring, high torque motor…


Mate, you gotta learn to walk before you can run!
Have asked some very basic questions which tells me that you don’t have any experience in modifying gel blasters?
A DSG system requires a fair bit of knowledge and skills to understand what you are actually putting together and as to how it all works.
A list of parts are no good if you don’t know how they all work and are required to function.
Get a few standard builds under your belt before attempting something much more technical.
Otherwise you will only waste a lot of time and money to end up with a blaster that doesn’t work :confused:
A few YouTube videos will not make ya a master tech!

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It’s not rocket science , just research, research and when you think you have a firm grasp of it do some more research. If the funds allow it maybe have a crack at a 13:1 build while you accumulate the parts you need. There pretty easy to build in itself if you can build it’s just getting it too feed right. Make sure you have a high tpa motor otherwise you’ll draw to many amps , decent battery with a good C rating , good wiring idk someone else who’s built one more recently probably has better tips but just do all the reading up on it you can do. Or if the funds are good have a crack, break it then start again it’s how I learnt :laughing:


I’d probably not start with something as complex as dsg and whatnot if you’re only starting to get into the modding side of things. There’s a lot of little things that make make a build work. Work well. Or explode.

I’d start with rebuilding a few that you have. Upgrading them ect if you haven’t already. High rof builds are probably the most difficult of the lot. You should be ready and confident for that.

As someone else said a while back to me. If they don’t know how to do a rof build they probably shouldn’t be trying it. Asking about parts and such. Something that’s on a more basic level probably puts you in that category.

I’ll be honest. I am kind of trying to dissuade a bit. But at the same time I’m not. If you want to go for it go for it. All I’m more saying is to get a bit of experience under your belt. Things like shimming. Volume ratio. Fps limits. A feel for different parts and the ways you build stuff. All very important things that need to be learnt. They can’t really be told if that makes sense?

Edit: also keep in mind that it comes from the pov of someone that doesn’t have a lot of money to spend because of poor life choices. So I don’t have the money to replace parts if I get things wrong. You might have better financials than me and be willing to possibly lose that money in the process.

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