Std Ak gen8 gearbox conversion

Hi all,

New fella to the forum, and still learning when it comes to internals. Simple question: is it possible to straight swap the std internals for a jin ming gen8 box, with maybe dremeling? I have seen that the std box has some different cut outs for the safety and what not, just wanna know if anyone else may have already done it.

Gots to get me an ak for my militia outfit :wink:

are you wanting to put a nylon gen8 or the stock and one

Hey Milkman,

I’ve got a stock jin ming box from an m4. The dimensions look to be the same, but I’m not too sure if it will mount and seat properly without hacking the ak shell to shreds

sorry for late reply been flatout with work and haven’t had a chance to jump on GBF. have you tried opening up the shell BD see how it pairs up. and if you need to make any minor adjustments to the shell I found best way is with a hot knife tip on a soldering iron as you can cut away without putting physical stress to the shell or cracking it