STD M1911 (CS007/009) Dive in and Mods

M1911 Mods
The M1911 is often dismissed because it is hopper fed. So neglected that there are few aftermarket parts for it.
Put that aside and you have a pistol blaster with the following:
1 A robust gearbox that is less prone to cracking, breaking or stripping axle-mounts.
2 The same gears as the RX617 but with closer tolerances and aligned in a way that is less likely to strip gears.
3 A more powerful motor that is faster and like its 400 series brethren available with brushes.
4 A simple wiring system that allows the easy addition of a MOSFET.
5 Room inside to play.


If seen some of these pushed to limits that defy sense

They go hard

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Push it I did.
8cm 1.2 spring
9cm 1.3 spring
9cm 1.4 spring
10.5cm 1.2 spring
It handled it all even when I started smelling ozone from the arcing.
Have to find a better motor. :sunglasses:


It just kept going.
Gears held up fine but it was getting very loud.


Played with some switches.
Added charge button and On/Off/Safety
Add internal UV LED


Tested several motors and found a more torquey brushed 370.
Added capacitor to prolong UV charge. Not needed so it’s now gone.
Added MOSFET as trigger connectors were slowly pitting away.

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Converted it to take a UMP45 mag.
No more hopper stigma.


Why not?




Wow that’s great work you’ve made excellent use of your time. Very jealous, i must get myself a 3d printer and start doing crazy mods myself.

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M97 Extended Hopper
To double the capacity of the hopper and possibly improve the look/or not, :grimacing:, you could add one of these.

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Cruise, I have just taken delivery of one of these.
Should I upgrade with the addition of a MOSFET?

If you plan to do the upgrades, a MOSFET is recommended.
I burned out a trigger switch very quickly, after the mods.

BTW, good choice.
Despite nothing but positive reviews, not everyone realises just how good this gearbox is, even as stock, until they squeeze the trigger themselves.


It was your initial review from 31 Jan that sort of pushed me towards the M1911.
So, thanks for the reviews and info you provide here.

I now have the SKD CS-007 M1911, SKD Beretta 90TWO, and a Jinming ACR-J10.
Trial and error with the gels.
But I find the blue ones supplied with the GB’s are low quality.
So currently I am using AKA hard milkies, and AUSGEL Super orange, blues and milkies.

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Good choices.
Gel choice can be a pain and it’s good to finally settle on a few.
Bundled gels go well with potting mix. :sunglasses:


Except if the missus sees them in there she will probably think ive been using her plants :blossom: for target practice :dart:

It has to seem like her idea.
You’ll work it out. :wink:

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More pics from earlier tweaking.

…and a 7.0FB

How did I miss this post?? :exploding_head:

Mag fed… looks reminiscent of the Mauser… I like!!

Does it feed okay? Haven’t toyed with one of these but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. :+1: