Stock 7.4v Battery

Just checking but the stock 7.4v battery that’s includes with the gen 9 is a lithium battery right? I got a balance charger with that charges lipo/life so but I don’t know if the stock is lipo or not. Don’t really feel like burning my house down on Christmas.

Also the 11.1v battery with the tag pictures below are lipos? Says it in the add but don’t really trust it. The 7.4v battery doesn’t have a tag.

Cheers and Merry Christmas

The stock battery is a 7.4v Lithium Iron battery (2 round cells in series)

These are a bit more stable than LiPos and a little less (but not impervious to) likely to flame up with overcharging or puff from drawing too much current (below about 3v). Our stock LiOn batteries also have a separate balance charging lead… so, as a battery they are pretty good. The LiPo is better at holding more usable power, but has to be treated perfectly or it wont play the game. (You might say LiPo batteries are like female and LiOn batteries are like the male of the battery species) noidea Woops! Did I say that or think it?) eye%20boggling drama laughing%20(1)

It is basically two 18650 cells. The LiPo is a lithium polymer… usually the square or rectangular packs we all know, love and hate… that ignite at the drop of a hat… but provide beautiful power while they hail