Stock Catch for M24

Hi, does any one know where I can buy a stock catch for the M24? Mine seems fine except for a small amount of plastic shaved off from the top, but I’ve put a different piston in so it really only could be the catch i think.

I may be having a Muppet moment

Are you referring to the trigger release mechanism?

If your issue is that when you push the bolt forward it releases then you have a problem with the gearbox flexing. Clamp the top rail

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Yeah that’s what I’m referring to, and the exact problem. But it still releases even with the stock spring while clamped. Don’t really know what’s gone wrong.

Make sure there is no grease on either the catch or bolt

It’s a common problem with heavier springs

Bent springs too

Okay thanks I’ll try that.

I have no clue what’s wrong with it, release mechanism is bone dry, stock spring and gearbox is firm. Still slips out.

Bulk it up with thin applications of superglue to make it higher. Do it till you add a mm or 2 to it

Where are you located. I may have a spare catch I could throw you

Toowoomba Queensland. I might be able to add some height to it. I’ll see what I have laying around. Or I might just buy the metal accessories kit with the metal catch.

Chgbbs has what you want

Rightyo thanks, might as well try it