Stock wells m401 lifetime

So I’ve had my wells for about 5-6 months and ran it stock with a standard 7.4. I go to games with it all the time and the only problem I’ve had is running out of battery but I just wanna know how much longer it would last as I am considering doing some basic internal upgrades. Thanks.

Can’t answer you yet, but as a fella running this bad boy only recently:
I’ll let you know in a year… or if mine breaks faster than yours :stuck_out_tongue:
The metal versions basically run upgraded components internally too.

i ran my far from stock for about 6 months before i started breaking things…and by things i mean the acrylic box…

it took another 3 months to brutalise it in a way that i couldn’t put it back together.

a stock wells with a reasonable spring upgrade goes well enough without much else

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My Brother-in-law has a wells and ended up with what we think was a motor misalignment and we found the start of some cracks in the gearbox, but the new gearbox with the reinforcement where the cracks were forming was not an expensive part so it was an easy repair. Since you bought yours recently I’d bet you’ve already got the new gearbox, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about lifespan :+1:t3: