Stop the Regulation of Gel Blaster Toys (QLD Residence ONLY)

For all the QLD guys and girls you have heard the possible issues under new regulations which will in time in fact ban a lot of current TOY blasters on the market.
Mark Ryan and Co have been lying in our faces all but mischievously plotting plans to regulated and re categories our TOYS with replicas.
Below is a good video explaining the situation from day one and also the correspondence emails from QPS FOI.

Please sign the official e petition below.

This is for QLD Residence ONLY otherwise the government will find another way to squirm out of it if the find fake post codes or misleading signatures!

Let’s do this!


Anyone who is thinking “why should I sign this” should watch the video on YT by ozziereviews called “The last Australian shooter”, and the one by vague strategist (who is probably known to people on here).

The ozziereviews one talks mainly about real firearms, but it is actually about this petition. It describes how licensed firearms owners have had their rights slowly but surely taken away from them, and what will happen if gel blasters are regulated.

Vague Stategist’s one is a personal story of how gel blasters changed his life, and the dangers of allowing them to be regulated.

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I remember few weeks ago Channel Nine News or Channel Seven News said that Qld Government would allow gel blasters in the State. How come we have a petition now for the “new” regulation? I confuse.

Because the government posted a survey to seek public input on the legal status of gel blasters and it was full of:

  1. conflating gel blasters with replica weapons, which they are not
  2. leading questions about “public safety” - because you can’t be against safety, right?
  3. leading questions suggesting that we need to lock up gel blasters and have a “lawful excuse” to own one

It appears, to an outsider, that they want to heavily regulate our sport.

Petition is doing okay so far.
8890 signatures at present :+1: