Straight to Drum Mag Conversion

Lately I’ve developed a fetish for pimping out older budget blasters, painting them up, upgrading internals. Not making them comp viable, just the best they can be… useable in a field or CQB game. Huge fun and very satisfying.

I ain’t the only one, either. :joy:

So the next budget blaster on the bench is one of these…

Le Hui Scorpion Evo 3

I have a handle on most of the work I’m planning, but the mag’s a tricky one. Spare mags are available from Monkee Mods but I’d like to run a drum mag. Nothing’s available so I guess I’m converting an existing one to fit the Scorpion. :thinking:

Any advice from anyone who’s sucessfully converted stick to drum or built one from scratch would be very much appreciated. :+1:


Good luck be nice if you succeed. I guess one option is to cut the lop off the top feed off a lehui vector double drum and some how replace with that of the scorpions top mag feed plate. Low guido has already done a gen 8 drum mag to wells converision very successfully so it might give you some ideas. Alternatively you could creat a double mag style drum mag using a double mag clip and some how link both mags together to almost double your magazine with out uglifying it with a drum.


I thought about Vector drum mags, thought maybe both blasters being LeHui they may have the same size mag well.
Considering that the drum becomes your main storage area and everything above it is delivery system there should be no problem with making something like a JM MP5 drum mag fit and feed… I hope.
But I definitely prefer a single drum… doubles are a bit too bulky for me.

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I once saw a guy with an unusual single drum for the vector where the drum part radiated around the vectors mag well and there was stick mag part on the bottom. Im probably not explaining it well but i could never find anyone selling this drum mag so it must have been a custom mod so i decided not to buy a vector due to the vectors small size mag and like you i dont like the over bulky double drums

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saw a guy at donnybrook had a tupperware container attached to the bottom of a stick mag i am sure there is more to it but was working for him

also the RX drum mags are modified or my one was and it sucked
they lopped off the top of a rx stick mag and put it on a drum i re done it and its now solid so you can do it no worries

just patients and some time


What a coincidence!
I’ve just ordered one mate.
Always wanted one. Not the prettiest but performance wise, it kept being reported as outdoing the MP5 and MP7. Surprising for a LeHui. :thinking:

As for the drum mag…


Awesome… Yeah, I vaguely recalled you’d done this before but I couldn’t find the thread so I was hoping it’d pop up somewhere… you delivered again, Cruise. Thanks for the link, matey. Much appreciated.

I actually don’t mind the aesthetics of the Scorpions, I kinda like that Euro tech look. Although I do feel like I should be talking with an Eastern block accent when I shoulder this thing. :joy:

These concurrent builds of the same blaster seem to be a bit of a trend these days… be interrsting to organise an event with all these pimped out budget bangers… it’d be epic… the Clash of the Shitans :joy:

I can see how a tupperware container would work… it’s only a resevoir for the gels after all. And anything unusual is a welcome change from the endless M4 clones you see out there👍

Maybe you’ve inspired a new trend with this post… ghetto blaster chic. :joy: it’d be cool to see people on the field with spaghetti strainers and ice cream tubs hanging off their gear. :rofl:

Only a matter of time before someone turns up holding a blaster with a tube/hose connected to a camelback filled with gels. :hushed::stuck_out_tongue:


As for the EVO3, I’m looking forward to what paintjob you come up with. :grin:

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Tossing up scifi themed or snow camo…

That’s today’s line of thought anyway. Probably go out the window when I see what everyone else is doing to them. :laughing:


you mean a custom made like this one

Whatchya got there? Drum mag looks interesting :thinking:

Always figured I’d use a large diameter poly pipe with end caps

Plenty of room for gels in these puppies…

And when you get knocked on your arse you have airbag protection

Very easy to make, 2 PVC end caps cut to the width of the mag and glued and screwed together. (can be pulled apart) A hole cut in each side of the stick mag for the drum gells to feed through. Works perfectly with no issues and holds more then any standard drum mag. Fill from 3 spots, either side top of drum and standard fill on stick mag. Allways go a full game without needing to refill no matter how trigger happy I get.


^^^^ agreed. Doesn’t get simpler than that

I roll camelback types daily due to my work and have done for 20yrs, good theory and would be great as mine is all Molle and can withstand a Hummer driving over it. Dumb proof kit, hmm how to get gel feeding going :thinking: :joy:



Haha yes that’s the one i looked everywhere and there was no one selling something like this.
Would consider a vector if i could get something like that!

Sick looking blaster btw