Stripped gears?

So my gen 9 has a problem where the motor runs but doesn’t fire, or it will just take longer for it to fire. It also seems to have a slower rate of fire and it just seems a little off. I initially thought it was a flat battery but i tried two fully charged batteries and it still has the issue. To me it sounds and feels like it the gears are slipping or something like that but I wouldn’t have a clue if that’s the problem or not. Does anyone know what this would be and a way to fix it? Cheers.

Hate to be the bringer of bad news but it doesn’t sound good.
Me thinks your gen9 needs to see the doctor.
But seriously if you are confident enough strip it down and have a peek or get it to someone who can help you.

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You would have to strip it a bit man. I’d suggest always running a few gelsoft guns if your able.

Which gun is it? I had an issue with my Vector missing the gear which told it how many shots it’s already fired. I had to shim it all so no gears missed.

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I tried my Gen9 on 3S today and stripped the pinion on the first mag. It went from perfect to just a whining (not me) without firing when the trigger is pulled. Can hear the motor turn, but no motion… The pinion or first drive gear has spat its teeth is my guess (mine) I am just trying to find an allen key to take a peek and get it ready for the new bits coming :grin:

Lucky I have a poop load of spares on the way :+1:

You will definitely need another one… so you can play with one while you fix/upgrade the other… sad, but true (we need a little violin emoticon) :innocent:

Update: I fixed it, I bought my blaster through M4A1 Gel Blaster and they were giving out nylon gearboxes with the gen 9s, so I had a spare gearbox in the box. I swapped out the gearbox and it runs fine now. I don’t actually know if I swapped out the gearbox for a nylon one or a plastic one. Hopefully it’s a nylon one but I don’t know. When I was taking the motor out two of the screws holding the pistol grip on came off attached now to the motor, the pistol grip has been a bit loose as well. Is it possible for the motor to move as the lose pistol grip moves and strip the gear connecting the motor and gearbox? I thought that might be my it stuffed up but not sure. Anyway all is good now, thanks for the help.

Will have to get myself another blaster, some spares and upgrades now. :grin:

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Yes that is exactly what happened :+1: