Strong return springs

Howdy people
Just chasing advice in return springs
I’m running a fairly hot Gen 8 custom build
Yet I’m smashing through return springs really fast
These are all the strong stainless steel type

What can I do to stop this ?
Is there a certain type I should use or avoid ?

Hey @ScottyMcBain mind sharing what a fatigued spring looks like? I found it pretty challenging myself as there doesn’t seem to be any benchmark, which there should be as it’s a simple extension spring.

I’m on my 3rd return spring, the most recent looks like the equivalent:

I have found that the Chinese springs are all pretty poor quality. Also the “Stainless” springs seldom are. I bet a magnet would stick to them.
Best to try and find a decent spring of similar size.

Hey buddy
Yeah these are the ones I’ve been running lately
They seem a touch smaller and shorter
But the ring that attaches to tappet is the one that always seems to snap off

I did 4 on Saturday lol

Have you happened to find anywhere that stocks them man ?
Even though it’s cheap
It’s just a pain in the ass constantly replacing them haha

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I haven’t had a chance yet… I’m just going to look at bunnings.

So how did Bunnings go?

Hey Wayne welcome to the group. Just from looking at the last activity that was start of the year. Damn that’s gone quick. I might be able to help out with some good quality return springs. I’m guessing they won’t be as cheap as what anyone else supplies . mate already went and got the piston spring made 3 different thicknesses and they said they took the $30 per barrel

Newb question.
What are the symptom/s of a failed return spring?

That question should be in a different part of Tech talk mate. But signs are it’s not firing but U can hear the gears and piston move

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