Stumpy M16 nylon butt stocks

Hey there gel ball community I have got some new
parts in stock


M16 stumpy butt stocks
Burnt CNC flash hider
SHS Cylinder Head & Nozzle combo

I’ll upload them soon


hehe… yeah boi

That nearly looks as good as my latest creation :smiley::smiley: i really like the look of the flash hider too!!

Oh sweet , need one of these for the SLR .

Will these be available online

Do you think one will fit my aug???

Due to the nature of the aug, probably not. If you can then that is very incredibly cursed.

How about a hi capa conversion???

Yeh mate I actually bought these butt stock for the AUG but they might work on other blaster too :joy::joy::joy:

No refunds

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please don’t give Bigmuthadrums any ideas, he’s already butchered enough pistols.

A drum mag for the aug would be nice. It at least a mag twice as wide.

Hmmm I don’t want to say no but I can’t say I’ve seen one for it

Maybe a job for @Bigmuthadrums.