Suggestions on how turn M4 gen 8 to CQB

Hey guys, I have an internally modded m4 gen 8 and looking to turn it into a CQB blaster. Looking for suggestions/ ideas and inspiration

Building an M4 based brutalizer ATM also

Watching for nuggets of genius…and inspiration…

This is my old gen 8 cqb build, using 4inch fishbone handguard and xm t01 pdw stock. Just remember to find the right version of the pdw stock or you will have to make do with the stock nylon buffer tube like me :stuck_out_tongue:


What fps did you get with the shorter barrel?

What sort of useable range did you get??

Cheers! Asking a much better question than myself! Lol

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get a sub nosed handguard which you can get from tactical edge or you might be able to find one on ali express and if you’re good enough with your hands and organizing wires and make a small battery compartment at the back of the blaster and make a foldable stock. Abit imaginative but your blaster.

Nice… what hardguard, and how long is your barrel?

@vtrn Welcome to the group, man :blush:

Did you keep the stock cylinder with that barrel length or run with a ported item?

Pretty cool looking CQB unit :+1: