Super cheap upgrades for V2

I have begun my SLR build and found these guys in Malaysia…so cheap!!!

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Isn’t there a pretty big risk of gearboxes getting seized by customs?

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I bought one of these from AliExpress and have it in the SLR receiver I am building, and the all nylon gen8 box in my UMP came from Ali as well.

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That is American $ plus GST plus it will probably be stopped at customs…

There was another story on channel 9 tonight with these STUPID blaster shops with ‘machine G*ns’ proudly displayed in the windows and walls… may as well put terror flags all over the walls too… that is what the public will be interpreting these shops as…

i am pretty sure that our toys will be illegal soon… thanks to these stupid shops actions. Someone told them on the news, that our toys are illegal in NSW and Vic… but they send them there anyway… that there are ways ‘around those laws’…

Get what you can now… they will be illegal soon…

Yeah I saw that tonight @Calcifer.

WTF it looked like that stupid vendor opened up a shop in a popular shopping mall with full floor to ceiling glass show casing his wares.

The silly thing is the vendor is putting a nail in his own businesses coffin. He know’s his business is legal but the regulators because of public pressure with press coverage like tonight, is on very borrowed time.
I’m going to do my little bit by painting my suppressors orange.


This is probably for self preservation so I don’t get shot by some over zealous copper.

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Probably dont need to paint the suppressor, I think most of us here have more that 1 brain cell. The ones we see on the TV probably dont even have that many.


Ya, I hv always bought parts frm them. One of the cheapest and trusted locally (malaysia) i can guarantee that (of course anything shipped frm China is cheapest option, but hey, I sometimes found that I dont want to wait that long lol)

They do mentioned that they also ship overseas with the option for shipping protection with some fees (coverage in case your parcel is seized by custom).

Nevertheless, I cannot speak on their behalf, you may want to contact them in some way or another for more details.

Oh, the upgraded v2 ldt gearbox is a steal. Very cheap at myr100 as is on discount now. Wouldn’t know their australian price tho

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arrived today…$40 AU for warinterest v2 metal gearbox.
$15 for FB 480 motor…

Hey @spectre720, the gear box you got from Monkee Mods, were the metal gears just dropped in, no shims , grease ect? been looking at ordering a fb 3.0s or ldt metal gearbox from them.

LDT v3 gearbox. Shimmed greaced metal gears. basic but good quality case. I have 4 of them. albeit they have all been upgraded with kublai one piece cylinder and SHS everything. Doing a chrono when gels are ready will post results

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Hey with the one piece cylinders, mines just turned up today, and I’ve noticed on the back of the cylinder head there’s no pad for the piston to hit. Any suggestions?

Well that sux :frowning:
You can get the sorbothane pads here.
You could use rubber pads but they are not as good and can give piston rebound causing pre engagement and feed issues.

Which one piece cylinder did you buy ?
I have the Kublai brand and they have a pad

Was just one from aliexpress, doesn’t have a brand name on the box haha

Ok cool, better get some pads then :+1:

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Any chance you know the thickness of pads?

No but you can use several or the thickness you need for you AOE adjustment

Thinking I might just get a sheet of sorbothane from Bunnings and cut my own out, that way I can get it done before the weekend haha

Ok np, just get 3mm and 6mm to give you a bit to play with