Suppliers who go the extra mile


I wanted to start this thread to give props to suppliers you consider go above and beyond to give you great service and support !
Not just the best price or “I allways got the stuff I ordered” but just the ones that you love to go back too :wink:

So post a link and tell us why you think they deserve to be on the A list !

I will add the links to the first post as we go this will help us and be a great resource.

Please do not post bad reviews here ! This thread is not for that :+1:

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M4a1 Gelblasters
I bought my first blaster from M4a1 gel blasters , A Vector v2 and they gave me good advice , I used the Vector for about 10 mags and the select five stopped working, only full auto worked.
I contacted them and because I was a 1000klm from them they sent me a brand new one and said keep the old one for spare parts and 3 days later the new one arrived :+1:

X-force Tactical
They have good products and reasonable prices and again they give great advice and have good knowledge about their products.
On at least 3 occasions I have received a faulty or damaged item , but every single time they offered me a refund or replacement and never asked me to return the item :+1:

Chenghai Gel Blaster Store

John allways has some great products and fantastic prices, he also has great service and allway answers emails promptly.
He is also happy to order products he doesn’t have if emailed which is great :+1:

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Props also to armoured heaven who have consistently provided me time and advice even though I’ve not bought anything from them.

Well get your wallet out and show them you appreciate it :wink:

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When they have what I need when I walk in … definitely!

Hahaa. It’s just been not having the right bits that has seen me not buy

All round reasonable prices too on while blasters and bits. Only marginally higher than eBay and such.

Can’t recommend them enough

I love paying way more than i should. thank you aussie vendors

Chenghai always super quick postage and great communication.

Soldering to the motor terminals is fine. The only drama is when u cant solder to service it.

Good idea I’ve been wasting way too much on stuff I found way cheaper. Some prices are just beyond dogs balls.

indeed they are good sellers and they are examples for the industry, zhenduo will also carry on and improve

I love paying way more than i should. thank you aussie vendors

Soldering will make a fail proof connection. Terminals fail and corrode


oh sorry I forgot you like to argue…you are right


Cool thanks for that.

It’s me who likes arguing :rofl:

Anyways, please do not post bad reviews, this thread is only to give prop to shops who did something special for you and your story about it please, otherwise it will turn into a shit slinging match :pray: