Suppressed Barrel Released

Hi all,
I think the suppressed barrel for the new LDT MP5 has been released.
See here on AliExpress:
[Click here ](AU $92.12 4% Off | PB PlayfulOutdoor sports cs toy JiQu MP5 nylon split SD6 handguard silencer accessories modification upgrade fish bone LDT OD156

Haven’t ordered one yet, but very keen.

Oh man I’m drooling right now :heart_eyes:

Edit I’m curious of the Charing handle though. It’s kind of attached to the top reciever so is it a seperate part or? :thinking:

The forward part of the tube that contains the charging handle gets removed and is replaced with the part included in the handguard kit. This requires removal of the charging handle and rod.

if I recall, don’t you need to break some glue holding the charging handle and “gas tube” onto the upper receiver in order to attach the integral suppressor? I’m completely unsure on how to attach the SD6 suppressor if someone could let me know and hold my hand through the process when they brave it themselves that would be much appreciated, I only wanted an MP5 to retrofit it to the MP-5SD :confused:

Having pulled mine apart I ran across no glue. Admittedly it’s a little bit of a pain in the ass. But you’d only have to do it once.