Suppressor for STD SLR

I’m looking at getting a suppressor for my SLR, which one would be best?

I upgraded my inner barrel to a longer one so I needed a long one to hide it and the hop up. Screws straight onto the 14mm revers thread. It’s 19cm


I am in the same position you are in. I am building a SLR based “scratch build” and am wanting to add a suppressor. You have quite a few choices which doesn’t help none. You can have the supp start at the end of your handguard OR tucked inside, with varying amounts protruding. If the supp is to be installed under the handgurd then the dia. of supp needs to be smaller than the inner dia. of the handguard for clearance. You can have the supp screw on where your inner barrel ends or you can as Alex has beautifully executed above have the inner barrel run the length of your supp to tidy things up, to protect the inner barrel and because awesome points. Once you have that figured out and your outer barrel has 14mm threads choose any that suits. There are Hop Up limitations to also consider, some will fit under a suppressor and some will not. The overall balance of your SLR is also, be it the Standard length or CQB variant, something to consider. An excessively long supp on a short handguard although manageable will be a little unbalanced, though each to his own.
I am sure I have missed some points but I hope this helps a little.

How the hell do you guys write such short concise responses, I am failing at this.

“Buy Once, Cry Once”


Hey Alex,

can I ask where you got this suppressor?

Looks niiceee


It does have the writing on it that photo I posted was just a good angle : P

There’s longer ones and smaller one’s, it didn’t list the length but my ones 19cm, screws straight onto the SLR stock end. Comes with a spring and sponges too inside to help hold down the inner barrel

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