Swapping out spade for bullettype connectors

Here is the method I developed and it works like a dream.
I use the short gold plated bullet connectors, First I trim the terminals on the motor so the the male bullet fits over it then solder the bullets on to the motor terminals, I then solder the female connector to the motor wires. Some setups you need to solder the connectors on the wires at a 90deg angle, it depends on your set up.
Now you can be sure you have a very low resistance connection and its easy to remove or reconnect :wink:

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You can solder the wire to the motor terminals then put bullet or spade terminals in between the battery and motor… so you can change the motor with another one you have already wired the same…

These bullet terminals are made for motorbikes with 12v going thru them… you can crimp then solder then pull the rubber cover down over them…

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There is no way to do what you suggest without opening the gearbox ?

Omfg…I have these laying about and that is such a good idea…it’ll be done tomorrow

Meh. It’s in active build so that happens every few minutes for SnG

I don’t think you understand, how do you remove the grip ? And every time you want the motor out ?

Bullet connectors on short fly leads will work a treat. It should solve that vibrating off issue

Those bullets will be over 6mm in dia. with the rubber sleeves , and you got 2 , Send me a pic of where you end up fitting them cause I fail to see it sorry.
You must have a very roomy blaster compared to every other one I have seen.

I have some 2mm and 3mm ones

Look I don’t care how you do it but there is no way you can fit them.
If you solder the motor wires to the motor where do you put the bullets ?
They can’t go in the grip because how would you connect them ?
They can’t go in the box because how can you open the box without removing the grip ?
Maybe I am thick or something :thinking:

On the bottom of the mirror

The 2mm, pending overall connector length which I need to check should fit.

If there is enough disagree I’ll post a pic tomorrow

Need to find my micro quad sisters bucket

On the bottom of the mirror ?

I’m sure he means motor…

Unless he’s hinting what we are all thinking @Rattler

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I need to find one more female

Initial assessment, tight but will fit

2mm bullets

I need at least one female too… tight one is the best imo :+1: :yum:

I ordered a set of those terminals… I have some old motorbike indicators with males on them that I could cut off :grimacing: but that would ruin the indicators

It doesn’t matter to me if the wires go up the handle to the gearbox area and have to open up blaster to get at connectors… the wires are securely soldered to motor pads… but you can remove the motor and refit it without having to de-solder or cut wires

I have some dielectric grease here too, I will grease the terminals so they dont get dry, then get hot from arcing. Will make them easier to unplug as bullet terminals you have to pull apart by the wires… nothing to grab on to

WTF does that mean ?

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Just joking around.
Something to reflect on. :rofl:

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Nah man that’s BS !
If that’s what you are all thinking then NP :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

@Rattler Noooooooo :sob:

Wtf im away 4 working nights and I jump on to see this??? What’s wrong rattler. And marty Stop poking the hornets nest with a sugar stick😝

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