Sweetheart Hop Ups

Watched a very cool clip re hop ups on Galapagos J’s channel…

Interesting to note, and it’s GJ’s opinion, that one of the most popular hop ups, the War Interest barrel mounted, is sketchy at best when it comes to effectiveness.

So what hop ups are people using? Getting good results? Has anyone had a shot at modifying a commercial hop up? I run WI barrel mount hop ups on two upgraded M4s and find them just okay, better than no hop up, but not amazing.

GJ talks up the Sweetheart hop ups, be keen to know if anyone’s running them and where they got them from.

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The Rizer metal tounge hopup (variously R1, Z1 or NT-1 depending upon the outer case) is the only one that has worked at all for me.

I assumed that the others I tried failed because the internal finish wasn’t good enough (all 3d printed) - the inner part of the hopups seemed as grippy as the tounge. So I gave up on them pretty quick, there might be better choices now.

(Edit to make clear: I’ve not used the Warinterest hopup)


The warinterest ones work perfectly for me and are almost identical to the Rizer v2 except they arn’t metal.
In the video he doesn’t understand how the bottom plate works so that is why he has issues with them.


The Rizer R1 is a great hop up and you are correct about most of the 3D printed ones, most are rubbish !
The Dk brand are the exception and I use and love them, I also have the Rizer v1’s and v2’s and they are good.

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So by not understanding the bottom plate do you mean he’s not adjusting it properly? :thinking:

Might seem like a dumbass question but the first WI hop up I got was fitted at a shop… tech didn’t fit a grub screw to the bottom plate at all so I figured it wasn’t necessary… but looking at the thing now, am I right in saying that without a grub screw that bottom plate’s just moving around? Can’t be good for consistency…

Any Idea why WI make that bottom plate flat? If it was concave like the textured tongue, wouldn’t it make the gel rounder coming out of the barrel?

Sorry to frag you with questions, Rattler… it seems maybe I’m just using this thing wrong. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Those inline Sweetheart hop ups do look good though… leaves the front of the outer barrel clear for any attachments. :+1:

The bottom plate is smooth so it doesn’t apply any unwanted hop spin on the bottom of the gel.
On a normal hop up you can only adjust the top plate down which works fine but means the path for the gel is not centered to the barrel so the gel gets pushed down, so this means you actually are using more hop up than is needed, but if you use a second smooth supporting plate on the bottom It keeps the gel pushed against the friction plate at the top and therefore the top plate no longer needs to be adjusted so far down to give the correct amount of hop and the gels path is more centred, this also creates less deflection and won’t slow the gel as much.


Also every non adjustable type hop up I have tested only works well on very slow fps setups and just can’t match a good adjustable one that gives you more flexibility when using different barrel id’s and different gels.
You can also get a 13mm Rizer hop up that will fit in nearly any suppressor or flash hider :+1:

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Oh I forgot to answer the part about making the bottom plate concave.
It they did that it would create a lot more friction on the bottom of the gel and be counter productive.

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Yeah, that makes sense… thanks for all that info.

I’ll see how this hop up behaves tweaking the top and bottom plates… they sell a lot of these War Interest hop ups… can’t be too bad. :+1:

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How is that 13mm Rizer secured to the barrel?

Idk I have never used or needed one but I think they just push on ?

Thanks need something like that to finish mine off. Worst case bit of hot glue or epoxy will hold it :wink:

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This place has a few good pics


The bigger rizers have grub screws that grab the exposed part of the inner barrel that you left hanging out of the front of the blaster for just that purpose.

The 13mm one sure looks like it just pushes on. I’m interested… has anyone got one?

You should order one and do a review here for us :rofl:


I ordered 2 of those risers, not going to ship till next week but will post results when I get.


I too have a couple on order. Won’t ship until after CNY.


For those interested in this hop up


They are going to sell like hotcakes! Thanks for the heads up :wink:

@galapagosj finally we get somewhere reliable to get them.

soon as i saw post ding bought a set