Sweetheart hopups, initial review

4 tube set SH hopup
j10 ACR
1.2 spring
7.5 @ 400mm ebay barrel
4 mags of aged AT milkies

I am no sure if its my barrel, my milkies, or there is no enough FPS being leaky stock internal…
in short, they didn’t work :sneezing_face:
at least, it didn’t make the trajectory anymore straighter than it was before, nor increase distance,
gels are still curving off after 6-8m normally,
but now it curves in style lol,
all the sharp left / right turns, S turns, left then fast right turns,
i can sit there whole day just shooting gel and watch how it curve and turns :joy: :joy:

1 star tube actually breaks about more than half of the gels for some reason,
and distance decreased alot gels would just drop down to the ground at about 7m

2 star tube had far less breakage but now it, if i set it on an angle, it kind curves out then curves back in really quickly (if you know what i mean = .=??), however, it’s kinda consistence funny enough,
no distance increase compare to normal.

3 star tube and 4 star tube actually increase distance greatly,
because the ball now curves upward and fly to infinity and beyond :joy:
if i can get that kind of distance but straight, i reckon that could hit up to 30m mark :joy:

so yah…
i have tried spinning them around different directions and see if anything help,
but it only gets worse, best result were to have the 3 groves on the bottom leveled.
will have to grow some fresh gels and test them again when i have time,
but so far it doesn’t look promosing :pleading_face:

have anyone used them and got better result?


Thanks for the review.
Interesting!! Do you have it secured well?
I’ll see what happens when I get mine, gotta day you’ve ruined my anticipation of getting them though!! It’ll be a bit of fun either way.

the AT are a small milky?

tried a larger gell?

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@icarus1314 have you tried green AT’s at all? They are slightly larger and do better in some of mine with 7.5mm bl.

I did tape them to the barrel initially,
Then hold it in tight by hand coz I wanted to try rotating them, result was the same

Mate you can not do testing of anything with crap gels , the result will mean zip :thinking:


@zeHamish @Maiphut
i have ordered all sort of different brand and claimed size gels,
when they arrive i will test them again.
i do have some glows which seems to be pretty big, most seems to be even be bigger than 7.5 barrel
(had to kind push/squize them in)

never actually tried to shoot those glowies,
coz blow test by mouth through T piece all of them gets stuck.
maybe i should try with those O_o?
maybe try them out see what happen O_o?

In my experience I have used the glows, they are a different animal, they are light and sticky but work well. Pain to load lol

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when u said “crap gels”, you mean the brand?
or that they are not fresh?
if you mean the later then i have to disagree :sweat_smile:

the gel i tested was grow and stored in fridge as that’s the suggested way to store them,
they are about a week old, hence the “aged” status.
i don’t believe every single person will always, and only shoot a fresh batch of gel straight after growing them time :sweat_smile:
or everyone have access, or is always using “the best gel for their barrel” all the time.

i am merely giving a result with what i have on hand :pleading_face:
like i said, this was only the initial testing, once my new barrel and gels arrive i will test out different combination and see what gives the best result.

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I agree, gotta use a couple different types of fresh gels and see what works best!
I’m sure there’ll be a particular set up that’ll work schmicko!

sticky O_o?
if anything mine seems to be kinda “oily” come pare to other gels
is that what u mean O_O?

i hope i find that schimicko point man :persevere:
sick of not being able to hit accurate even at 10m

i really miss my air-soft :cry:

I’m sure you will, when you find the right gels, go buy bulk packets :+1:t3::+1:t3:
Do you dry your gels? If not try that too!
I always dry them out with some paper towel, just by stirring the towel thru them in a strainer. Takes time but definitely worth doing!


I mean they won’t run out of a speedloader sticky.


I thought you were still using that big batch of old gel you got :rofl:
You need the gels to be dry as well, hop ups don’t work as well with wet gels.
The glow gels can be very good if they are grown to a size that suits your barrel and because most glow gels have a grippy surface the hop up work well on them.
My go to gels for the most part are the LDT milkies and 3.0 red ones


yah i do,
i was told by someone in this forum not long after i join, and actually notice some difference :ok_hand:

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milkies from that big bucket is long gone :grinning:

i actually got bored one night so i was watch star trek while separating them :joy: :joy: :joy:
only got the glows and some unknow blue ones left untouched

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Bin the lot mate. If they are slimey/oily they are degrading…

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is there actually much difference between the milky and the 3.0 red?
i have both on the way, also some random stuff to try out

there’s this brand with blue and yellow which said to be good for speed or strength
what ever that means :joy:?

brought the yellow one coz it’s different colour lol

arh! noted!
thanks you :smiley:

i will pie-shoot them at some random VW 2 step racer that comes around our street popping their exhaust XD