T.E.D <— Anyone tried this out?

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struth…i’m curious but not 250 units curious

never even heard of this one before now

Typically cost doesn’t bother me but HopUp to Blaster price ratio is not attractive at all. Even when running a 1000 dollar GelSoft gun.

Once we start getting the full metal builds and licensed guns then it will be a lot more attractive.

Keen to hear reports though.

well must admit it’s got a great sales pitch to it and nothing I’ve ever heard of. any ideas what gels are paired with it was I don’t think even the Milkies will tolerate that much. punch. am also keen to hear if anyone has this and if it lives up to the name

mu full metal but still sub 300 build will be here soon but, and as mush as i want that, it’ll get a panthur

Go to the bruisemaster web site he has some good write up on there about gels and how to make them more accurate would love to see ted in action if it was that good might be able to justify the cost

Yeah would be good to see it in action and properly tested.

I’ve tried them out!!
As for testing well, for 18 months, thousands of dollars on gearboxes to drive gels over 400 FPS, hundreds of hours on the Lathe and Mill, less sleep than a Meth head on a binge and more failures than success along the way until a couple of break throughs, re-calculations and major design changes then the fun began.
I’m an engineer, have a background in shooting stuff and I stand behind my work 100%. As refined as TED currently is I’m always improving it and embrace the challenge of adapting it to different blasters that come across the bench.
Gels are the biggest obstacle and have the most significant effect on any blaster but they can be grown to be stable and shot at speeds that will amaze you.
High FPS and accuracy is my passion, one of my latest creations has been built for the purpose of evaluating the optimum length utilizing a full cylinder. The Mechbox is being pushed to the limits and with an M150 currently installed muzzle velocity is mid 600’s. Unfortunately I’m having trouble sustaining this as nozzle seals can’t hack the pressure so instead of tuning TED I’m redesigning an making different nozzles to cope with the demand.
TED sales have been good but as it is a device for 400plus I’m finding that not as many people as I thought are able to build boxes capable of this so the majority of TEDs go into blasters I build.
I believe that gel blasters have a higher demand on the equipment than ■■■■■■■ and we’re trying to get it out of lesser quality components (largely due to availability). Full auto is not permitted on a lot of ■■■■■■■ fields, it’s also not that necessary due to their higher degree of accuracy. We throw hundreds of gels at a target hoping for a hit and what you all shoot in a day at a Skirmish a lot of Airsofters wouldn’t shoot in a year!
I’ll shoot anywhere from 50,000 to 80,000 gels in a week testing barrels, builds and for R&D. I’m on acreage and after it rains you find gels everywhere!! A weeks ammo in gels costs me about $20, if it were BB’s it would be around $200 and they would be piled high in the yard!
Anyhow, that’s enough useless information from me for today!!
Keep your mags full and your heads down.