T-piece in MK v2

Hey guys just a quick one, what sort of T-piece are you guys using in for your mk v2 boxes.
In a SLR shell.

FB t piece
Wells cylinder head, nozzle
Wells magazine’s and mag terminal
Modified SLR mag release to suit wells mags

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fighting bro

i like them but they can be nozzle tweaky


Could you explain “nozzle tweaky” for a not-so-smart chap like me please?
May be why I have had differing results with those t-pieces.

from the many yarns i’ve had about various issues…

they are unforgiving of contact profiles inside the t that don’t seal properly - specifically around rubber seals

the nozzle absolutely needs to be the right length…the common feedback is the wells nozzle works really well.

I’ve only ever used Well nozzles with them. Probably operator error as usual :disappointed:

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It’s all about t piece alignment and stability so the t piece needs to be a nice tight fit to the front of the box, if it’s a sloppy fit you will have seal issues between the nozzle tip and t piece seat.
Even a tiny amount of misalignment will cause fps and feed problems.
Also try it with a Kublai or HK metal head and nozzle


Probably the fit into the box front. I remember one had a slight bit of play there.

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Yeah Im using the metal FB nozzle at the moment, had to chop some off for fitment issues also the mag fitment thinking I took to much off.

Can those of us that use the MKv2 box can you guys list what you are using, pictures would be lovely

i bought the custom made one from Bruisemaster.
expensive, but dam it’s awesome and holds up really well to high ROF, plus its machined out of solid brass, you aint hurtin that thing.

If you watch this video and go to the 9.00min mark he talks about the t pieces in the MK v2.
I reamed the front hole to suit a gen9 t piece.

Yeah thats the same t pieces that Im using.

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