T piece not positioned correctly?

Hi guys,

After changing my barrel to a 29cm alloy barrel, the t piece seems to vibrate it’s way out of position after shooting and the balls don’t feed properly.

I am re-using the barrel spring that was supplied but I feel the issue is that the t piece “fins” aren’t slotting in firmly to the receiver.

When you guys re-assemble the blaster, do you position the t piece & barrel in the receiver first, and then slide the outer barrel and hand-guard over it? Or do you push the t-piece & barrel into the outer barrel/hand-guard first, then slide it over the receiver?

Is there something I’m missing?

I’ve reassembled both ways to no issue.
Normally I put the T-Piece/Barrel into the upper receiver first and then slide the upper onto the lower.

When u say not slotting firmly jnto receiver, how loose is it? I think there is meant to be a little bit of play.
With it put together, look inside the mag well and fiddle the t piece, see if it actually dislocates, I put a layer of masking tape around the lip of the t-piece to make it more secure, see if that helps

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I’ve tried everything I’m just feeling completely at a halt with this build, funnily enough over the simplest part.
I got the T piece secure after some mucking around, but now the magazines don’t click into the chamber easily and require some unusual extra force, again as if the t piece isn’t positioned correctly… is there a special way the small spring has to be installed?

is it possible u got the wrong T piece for the blaster model O_o??
as with the spring, it should just sit at the front of the T piece and gets pushing into the slot

It’s definitely the original t-piece, I also bought a new t piece to compare and it’s exactly the same.

Can you send pics, up the mag well, thru the dust flap, something is obviously not sitting or secured correctly

image image

image image
After rebuild, I noticed the bolt handle doesn’t spring all the way back into place. It stops just before the lock.

Maybe the whole shit fight is sitting incorrectly!

Any specific method to sliding the upper receiver on? I just slide it on until it clicks in, however the last clip is very hard to align and requires a lot of force - assuming that’s normal?

I don’t really have a method to how I do it, I just do it carefully so that plate near the dust cover slides over the gearbox nicely.
Just take your time with it.
It definitely sounds like somethings not right, have you tried a new t piece/barrel to see if it will work?