T piece to barrel

Does the t piece to the barrel need to be air tight ? Upgraded to an alloy barrel and the seal to the new t piece is not air tight. Is it worth trying to detach it and hot glue it back on and get an air tight seal?

On a Scar v2

P.s any one had any experience with the std SLR crt ?

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, it needs to be air tight… I often buy barrels with the T piece already attached…

Some people use aroldite, some use silastic, shoe goo, bostic… hot glue, UHU … basically any glue will do … but whatever glue you do use, make sure if the T piece is 2 piece, glue it together first and make sure there are no sharp bits on the inside and it is well stuck… I hate poking the glued barrel into a T piece and the T piece pops in half a%20what%20the killbunny killa

Then, clean/sand the end of the barrel to go into the T piece then test fit in the T piece and mark the barrel where it needs to go in to… then take out the barrel again, put the glue on the barrel (not in the T piece) leaving the glue about 5mm from the end of the barrel… then slide and twist the glued barrel into the T piece and make sure the barrel goes all of the way up to the mark you made. dance

Look inside the T piece with a torch to make sure no glue came forward from the barrel into the T piece… if any, wipe, pick scrape it out… then leave barrel for a decent amount of time to fully set (depending on glue)

Next… order a bunch of barrels with T pieces already on from ebay… (for next time)Yoda22 laughing%20(1) :+1:

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@Calcifer, this might be a dumb question, but which end of the barrel do you glue to the t piece? My aluminium barrel can today and it has three grooved cut in the outside of one end? Is this intended for the t piece (hold glue better?), or for the front (hold grub screws better?)?

You are correct, gooved end into t piece


As Rattler said…

I have seen people use 3 O rings in those grooves, pushed into the T piece, as long as the T piece isn’t 2 piece… or if a 2 piece T piece is solidly glued first. :upside_down_face:

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Quite common to have grooves to enhance the grip of the adhesive esp. with 2 smooth surfaces.
Anyway, always glue the barrel as well as the rubber nozzle.