Tac Edge getting Golden Eagle GBBs?

I was scrolling through TEH and saw that they did a bit of menu redesigning, it seems they saw all the positive reviews on the GE pistols and want to get in on it. One of their GBB categories is Labelled GOLDEN EAGLE GBB. Wonder when they will get those in stock.

Actually I did hear something about it this morning. I was curious about that. Be interesting to see their prices. Having both something like an xtp and golden eagle fighting for quality vs price

Tac edge doesn’t seem to have bad prices on the xtp’s and well’s pistols, they will need good prices to compete with @Ihobby.

Kinda my point though. To make one cheaper than the other people may show favour to the cheaper one. Especially if they come from the same store. I could be wrong. But it’s be interesting

Agreed, it will be interesting to see their prices and how they are received. Plus see another video of Gilly raving about the new line off GBBs.

I seem to be very very susceptible to suggestion, that’s an inner known, and with that known I’m finding myself viewing way too many Eagle threads, I worry for my near future.

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and your wallet :rofl:

Currently dealing with the same issue. They are such a nice peice of kit!

gilly was in a video on facebook the other day stating they getting Golden Eagles

That explains why I don’t know. I don’t spend 30min watching someone give 30 seconds of information. (Sorry. I just really passionately dislike that they don’t make a text post with information for those that aren’t interested in watching)

They have a Recon YouTube series that’s out semi regularly to condense what’s coming out soon condensed to a couple of minutes.

I’d still rather an update scroll along my feed. Not an episode of the Simpson’s abridged.

Tru dat, ma ma Maiphut, tru dat

Cyrus my friend, you have many many issues to contend with beforehand without adding the wants of 2011’s to that ever expanding list :grin:

They are in stock on the website now, the prices are quite reasonable in my opinion but discount codes don’t work on them.