Tactical edge premium range blasters

Hey guys, I am looking at purchasing one of the platinum blasters from tac edge, just wondering on the experience you guys have had with any of the platinum blasters?

I have a few wells at the moment and one full metal cqb wells from M4a1, just wondering if I should look more towards the honey badger or other high tier blasters from M4a1 or if the platinum range from tac edge?


If you’re looking for something unique i would recommend the NOVESKE 10.5" GEN 4 KRYPTEK OBSKURA - RED from tac edge the build quality and the feel of it is like whoever put this thing together new exactly what they were doing :+1::+1:


Not purchased from Tac Edge but same APS gearbox from an M933, stock spring with 11.1v battery, tight bore barrel and fresh o-ring.

This pic is taken from a video sent to me from one of my YouTube viewers.

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11v batteries are what kills these if they’re not radius ready for the high rate of fire

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What gearbox is in that?

aps silver edge
They look like better quality metal used to make them these days compared to the first batch of crackers that arrived

@Bandit75 Was it hitting over 300 out of the box or have you modded it? The field I visit has a 300 fps limit

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I hope they start getting the silver edge E boxes with built in mosfets in👍

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that’s what it’s doing straight out of the box :+1::+1:
You could put a lower spring in to drop the fps

Just like the single stage mag cap, aps just offloads its crap to australia

Looks good bro!:+1:t4:

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thanks mate I’m loving it Noveske engravings all over it even on the take down pins :joy:
I can shake the shit out of it and not hear anything :+1:

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Looks like someone has been trying to chrono one of his blasters from a distance :rofl: