Tan and Tiffany Blue

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Look good.

What mag extensions you using?

There 3d printed, file is on Thingiverse

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thanks, found your design. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4390517 will get some of them printed on the weekend.


Love your work mate!

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Luv the blue mate but both rock :metal: where did you get the lowers from? @Superpoo

Hey mate, you can get the lowers from RPM tech shop when in stock…

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Sheeesh… I have only heard of Tiffany Blue… the porn star?

I didn’t know it was a color as well?? noidea

I have heard she is fond of a c…glock or two tho… plike


No worries thanx mate​:+1:unfortunately they wont ship to me :cry: