Tassie’s ‘confusing’ gel blaster laws under fire by Magistrate

Can anyone get beyond this Paywall to read the actual story?


Pushing for ban again

The only thing confusing is how people so stupid and narrow minded (putting it nicely) get into positions that they can change laws/legislations that affect the many to suit the few.

I still can’t get my head around how QLD is practically the only state with enough common sense to have very reasonable regulations to punish those stupid enough to misuse them but leave the honest people alone.


Magistrate should actually get a sold rap on the knuckles from the Chief Magistrate and those senior. It’s not for the judiciary to pontificate about policy in the performance of their job. They are their to interpret and apply the law to the case before them in an impartial manner.

Also paintball markers aren’t illegal in Tasmania. They fought for a long time to get them back as a registered firearm after a lot of lobbying.


So story is the bloke was convicted for three counts of possessing a prohibited weapon, all realistic gel blasters. Someone named Trent Johnston of Burnie if you know him. Attempted to argue the law was unclear and confusing. Ummmm the law down there has been fairly clear to the community (but suspect he’s not a member or like others just doesn’t give a fuck beyond) that you cannot own realistic imitations of real weapons. The concessions the Launceston Gel Blaster Club got were gel blasters in toy exteriors (in their case Nerf shells) were fine after a bit of to and fro with TASPOL.

So now the TASPOL Commissioner is beating the drums of a complete ban in Tasmania and using the Magistrates comments to fan the fire.

Anyone who thinks one fool can’t cause a major issue for the Community with their actions is kidding. This bloke may well cost all of Tasmania their limited ability to engage in gel blasting and would be another State slamming the door on the hobby.

And yet we sit here and still buy blasters and blaster products from suppliers who we all know are sending them to these States and increasing the probabilities they will come to Police and then Politicians’ attention.