TE Phantom CQB MK6

hey guys, just bought the MK6. I am assuming it will be pretty slack on ROF. Any suggestions on upgrades?

13:1 gears and high torque motor for starters and upgrade everything

not too sure on what parts are in the silver edge gearbox. some might need to be replaces

m100 or a m110 spring

Did you buy brand new? Is so I’d be leaving it for a while. That’s a lot of coin to spend to just straight up void the warranty! Use it a few times and see how you like it then make an educated decision and what you want from it.
Just whack a hop up on and use it.
But if you absolutely have to-
11.1 v lipo will make a big difference to rof without opening it up but will void warranty.
At least you can just take it out if you had to


They come stock with an m100

I would agree work you, I’ll use a 11.1v and if you really need the higher rate of fire you can get tactical edge to upgrade or for you, 200 dollars for the parts and around 120 for installation, but you do get warranty on the new parts

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