TE vs Azraels Full metal blasters

Looking for feedback to help me make a purchasing choice between Tactical Edge and Azraels Armoury.

Dunno how to make a poll or I would have added one but owner feedback would be great.

They are identical @Spydakus. Azrael is the APS distributor for Australia as I understand it. TE might have some exclusive models but rest assured if you have a warranty issue it all comes back to Azrael.


awesome, that does simplify the choice a lot. thanks BigWeetBix

Just got the Azraels AK74S blaster, is fantastic build quality wise, extremely solid, and heavy.
Yet to try it out though, have to put a XT30 battery plug on it to suit my current battery packs.
Also bought a RX metal mag for it, very nice, pressed steel. Had to file a small part of the top side rib off so it seats in the blaster better, actually is way more firmer fit after doing this.

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Congratulations on your 12 month anniversary also mate :+1:

Thanks Rattler ! Actually started with blasters nearly 2 years ago. Lucky to have any at all I suppose, considering where I live…

Decided no more plastic/nylon blasters for me from now on… though there seems to be fewer companies shipping to where I live unfortunately, think it will only get more restrictive in near future

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