Testing Out the T238 v1.4 MOSFET into My HK416D (+ auto mag prime)

Hey guys, I’ve finally gotten my hands on the T238 v1.4 MOSFET and I’m going to install it into my HK416D. Since I’m going to do a lot of soldering, I’m going to install an auto pre-load chip (auto mag prime) into it as well!

There are parts that you can watch to see how to install the MOSFET and the Pre-Load Chip, and I did some simple testing of the MOSFET too but then it’s not very in-depth so I don’t think it belongs in the Gel Blaster Tips or Gel Blaster Review sections… So, Show & Tell it is.

Anyway, the T238 v1.4 is an awesome MOSFET, my fire team has been using the 1.4 for a long time. It may not be the highest-tech option out there with a ton of settings like the Titan but it’s definitely a really stable and reliable MOSFET! Not to mention very affordable too.

T238 MOSFET Specs
Unboxing the T238 v1.4 MOSFET
Prep’ing the MOSFET
Installing the MOSFET
Installing the Automatic Pre-Load Chip Set
Overview of the Settings for the T238 v1.4 MOSFET
Brief Look at How to Change Settings of the MOSFET
Simple Firing Test

Link to T238 v1.4 MOSFET: https://bit.ly/2TeB7Dr
Link to Automatic Pre-Load Chip: https://bit.ly/2VIXaEh

For details on my builds and links to the products I mentioned in my video, please visit my website: https://bit.ly/2Pvj2is


Thanks! Actually half way through watching right now :ok_hand:

How do you know what’s a 1.3 and a 1.4 version? Is black the new 1.4 version?

I checked with T238, both MOSFETs are pretty much the same, 1.3 just has a different switch, but overall performance wise, its the same.


Hi GJ, do you know what the how the 1.5 differs from the 1.4?


Hi BigCraigO,

1.5 uses two plates instead of one and its all optical detection for trigger, cycle detection and selector plate detection. 1.4 is all mechanical.

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Got a link to the 1.5?

Here you go: T238 V1.5


@BigWeetBix be aware you could be in for a long wait.

I ordered a couple of these (the 1.5 version) from two sellers, one almost a month ago.
The link from @galapagosj is to one of the sellers I bought from.

Still waiting on them to ship. Latest update was another 11 days.


We use to do group buys… a bunch of (locals) would order at one time and then it makes the express/DHL option affordable. Might look into that some more if any other BNE based users are interested?

Oh dammit, I just ordered mine a couple hours ago. If I can cancel it I’m keen on a group buy

Watched this a coup of days ago. Keep. To get the 1.4 into my Gen9. Not too keen on optical sensors after watching my mates Wells firing when exposed to light.