Testing the MK tactical gearbox

Hope the link works, still in testing phase but definitely a fantastic gearbox


Thanks for that keep me posted as im either getting mk or Ra box but I was choosing whoever performed best and honestly I was hoping for mk to be great as I’d rather support MK tactical

for comparison…my raSplit is far from field ready…

shs gears and shs black high torgue with a m115 - nothing particularly special


tonight is the first projectile squirt…i had to use a can because i couldn’t see the gels

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Should have it altogether in the next couple days🤞🏽.
I purely brought MK just to support local made, everything going off shore for cheap labor.
Either way you’ll be supporting a local business one way or another.
I work for Toyota and it’s a shame Toyota manufacturing stopped in Australia.
Can you believe America can build a Camry 5k cheaper than Australia, friggin nuts


If they start making bits for blasters I have that I’m keen to make indestructible, I’ll buy :sunglasses:

I’m impressed with the Ra box. It’s tolerances are so fine that it can be a pita

That box is tight lol. I love it. I’m guessing ya running 12:1 set

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I lurve the split nature of my box but it does make assembly a bit trickier into the receiver.

Assembling the gearbox is a dream though with things just staying where you put them

The mk is au made though and soon they too will make a. Split

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Sounds fast, what gear ratio is that…13:1? Could that ratio pull a 1.4 spring with your high torque motor?

18:1 and has the high torque 480 black.

It’s much faster than anticipated

Hey man did you have any issues with the switch mech being too wide for the box? My box doesnt seem to fully clip together when i have the switch mech in

the entire trolley mechanism does present as too wide. its not but when you are doing up the box it does look that way.

its twitchy af the first couple of times to get into the right spot.

i absolutely have to go FET. its ROF is just too much for me to justify giving someone a short squeeze at close range

i friggin h8 bang bang

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Oh okay cool. Its that close i was just kind of hoping its just designed for a tight fit.

Think ill have to go with a fet as well, cant really start it yet anyways. Will be going in my slr cqb blaster

fishes @r53H0L3 tight m8…

i’m going to CQB the mk tactical box…maybe drop it into the wells receiver…

i’m also thinking of maybe building a 100% custom scifi style arrangement for the mk

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The scifi look would be pretty cool for a cqb blaster. High rof and use some glow gels

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Nice - mind if I ask what you’ve put in yours? So far I’ve bought the motor and gears for mine, and an currently working on a MOSFET and piston/cylinder/nozzle combo. I’m still figuring out which receiver to drop it into, as well. I literally have about 7 different packages on their way to me from all over the place.

It’s a nice box to shim gears into, if someone could actually say that they enjoy the process of shimming gears :joy:

mine is pretty “Stock”

18:1 shs
480 long - i needed the torque

its ROF is absurd >/

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Ha, I can imagine :grimacing:

I went down the same path with 18:1 SHS (I momentarily considered something faster!), and grabbed one of these:

Looking forward to it all coming together… when the rest of the parts finally arrive out here :desert_island:


i will make the mk box a stupid rof cqb

might even look to swap the motor out of the dmr to do it

dunno atm…so many wys to jump

Right? My wife doesn’t even know I’ve bought everything. Great thing is, she looks at a CNC gearbox and guesses thay it cost $15. If only I could sneak a few more through and build a few of them, with different specs.

9:1 gears, anyone? :joy:

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mine sees all the numbers and lets me do it anyway…not free from criticism but secretly i think she likes it when i leave the house for a whole day

…so she can do here succulent thing…

and buy mobile phones…

i did consider 9:1 for the vector build but not sure i CBF dealing with timing issues on what is total overkill hahahaaa

13:1 or 16:1 is where my cqb will be at :slight_smile:

i have a non linear 1.5 too but its probably poor form to use that in the cqb

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