The big question - To Pre-order or not

Hi All,
Keen like many to get into the gas blow-back game.
Been doing a few days of research so far into the perks and complaints of the many iterations of these fine machines. However while gathering up some cash to eventually purchase, I’ve noticed in both the CO2 & Green Gas launches of various pistols lately, that they are in quite short supply.

I’d promised myself to not pre-order after hearing the many horror stories of the classic QC of some blasters, however I’m still concerned on the wait & actual timeline of getting a blaster in my hands this year.
I think I’m leaning towards a CO2 blaster rather than Green gas at the moment, but wanted to open the discussion on;

  1. If you regret or plan to preorder a gas blaster in the next few weeks
  2. Any major distruptions you see to the GBB game that may change the current lineup of blasters


I preordered an XTP with 0 experience with gas pistols of any description. Super happy with my decision, especially after hearing of all the horror stories of QC with the M4A1/CEH range of pistols. Can definitely recommend the APS range.

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if you can afford them, pick a style you like (1911, glock or sig what ever), buy one, only one and get familiar with the gbb platform.

if 4-500 will put a little hole in your wallet, then i’d suggest to stay away for now,
apart from the sharks/APX range, the rest of the gbb on the market are really just proto-type,
the build quality really doesn’t justify the price (at least from my experience and point of view…).

either way, have fun, happy blasting

PS: if you never had a gbb before, i’d suggest you start with greengas,
simply because they are a little bit more easier to maintain, i mean you don’t really need crazy fps for a cqb gat anyway

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I will add that I used to own the electric M92, got rid of it when I got my XTP. Despite all the little issues that are inherent to running gas, I can still run round Hardcore Blasters CQB with just the XTP and still go well. An electric pistol (minus the 3dg I think) is more an aesthetic thing or last resort blaster, whereas you can definitely use the gas ones as a primary so easily worth the higher price.


I opted out of pre order, went tried and tested local stock and GOT LUCKY on supply

For both my gbb pistols

Preorder presents a number of risks and problems for both you and the vendor. These need not be stopping points.

What should be foremost in your mind is after purchase support and possible issues a
For newer untested hardware.

Personal experience…it blows waiting on a component that is 6-8, ended up being 10 weeks away from landing that cripples your GBB

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I’m going through the same dilemma…to pre order or not :joy:
Dont suppose there’s a sneaky discount code for azraels is there?


Yep that’s how I feel, been watching APS XTP videos all day :joy:
I guess I’ll go and play with a few in person and decide on the preorder then and there.

The xtp is kinda proven…I’ve been down and had a look and I don’t mind it. The tti is a beast and would love it…but it’s new and who knows if there’s any issues with it :man_shrugging:

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