The gift that keeps on giving

So I had a friend come over with half a dozen different types of gels to try out to see if we can get around the jamming issue and into the second mag we now have this…


I’m liking your post to give you an upvote because you’ve saved me money, and from the looks of it emotional pain, not because I like what has happened to you here :rage:


That sounds nice :rofl:


Feer spinning motor is the best motor

I have spent 20mins on the phone with tac toys to be told that it was my fault for firing it with a jam in it and that stripping the gears is classed as a user fault and not covered.

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I sent their support team the video of it and this was their intial response;

" Very sorry that you are experiencing these issues. We are definitely able to try and help out. Firstly, we suggest trying a controlled grow of exactly 4 hours.
After that, remove them from the water and have them in a sealed container until you use them. If it continues, that helps us rule out the gel balls as the issue.
Secondly, we’d suggest having a look at where the barrel threads onto the blaster. To do this, remove the barrel and have a look on the inside edge of the exit hole for any burrs. If there is anything, just simply remove those. 🙂
Another thing that has been helping is a small bit of silicon spray up into the feeding tube inside the mag well. We definitely would recommend that too.

Please let me know if this solved the issues or at least helped.

Look forward to hearing back from you."

Yeah silcon lube aint going to help that none…

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Idiots ! How is it your fault ?
How does a jammed gel strip gears ?
It doesn’t make it harder to pull back !


Did they even watch your video , that response !! Yeah just put some controlled grown gels thatll fix it.



I spoke to Alex from the “management team” and he was better- their standard line seems to be to blame the customer. When the top slide jammed back and the motor was just making the grinding noise we took the top slide off and fired it which moved the mechanism forward but was still making the noise.

They are claiming that it’s not recommended to fire the blaster without the top slide on and that that striped the gears. I tried to tell them that it was doing that before we took the slide off but just ended up in an argument where I asked where it is stated that it is not recommended their position is where does it say that it is recommended…

Seems a bunch of pointless arguing with them as it was busted before this point but even of their FB page people have shot it without the slide and them just laughing and not saying that it cannot be done and pulling the trigger with the slide off voids the warranty.

The end of it is though that they will take it back have a look at it, get it firing normally and send a video of it doing this before they send it back to me and that they will install a black barrel.

So here is hoping to it all being sorted in the next few weeks…


Ok. I’m now really happy I didn’t buy one. Even with feeding issues I was tempted. But getting stripped gears with no chance of being able to replace them? Yeah nah :joy:

I find it funny how they say taking the slide off and shooting voids warranty when having to do that very thing was a fix for a flat battery Having the slide half blown back in the first gen.

One thing I’ve learned here. Never. Ever but from tactoys… I had so many hopes for this blaster.




Sounds like a power drill lol


Power drills are useful though

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It’s like buying a car and saying you shouldn’t have drove it

Ummm. No

Just no


Hey, what was the outcome of this situation. Currently experiencing the same problem. Did you end up getting charged for the repair?