The media really cracks me up sometimes. (Alternative title. Media has IQ of a potato)

I know this is a sign of a bigger problem. But I couldn’t help but laugh at this one.

Guy gets raided.
They find knives. Cannabis. $50k in cash SPEED. COCAINE. REAL FiREARMS.

But their main worry is the fucking toy AK that shoots gels :joy:

I particularly like the comment.
“ Most concerning to police was the discovery of a AK-47 gel blaster rifle”

Most concerning? He had real illegal weapons and the blaster is the most concerning??? :joy:

I’m done today. I knew the world was getting dumber as phones got smarter. But damn…


that’s offensive to potatoes…

media IQ is more akin to corona virus IQ

ridiculous hype and mass stupidity + blind compliance to ignorance.


You’re probably right. But It baffles me how whoever wrote that sorry. Nor the police that made the statement could say with a straight face the guy had real weapons. Drugs and drug money but the real problems is the toy brudda :man_facepalming:


anti hobby propaganda

see it for what it is


Bullshit is the term I like to use. But I’m unrefined :joy:


note that he links to another article he also wrote in his infinite wisdom:■■■-found-in-drug-search/?cs=1459
where he used exactly the same phrase: “Most concerning to police was the discovery of a AK-47 gel blaster rifle, along with the other weapons”.
The guy is a moron. Outstanding journalism no doubt.


Fear sells, this is something new for the people to fear, something new for the Media to sell.
Yes this all shits me as well, always has, always will.

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The ‘reporter’ totally missed the toilet paper stash.


Katherine times couldn’t be too exciting could it? Lol no wonder it’s written the way it is…it’s probably the story of the year so far

What brand is that ak ? it looks pretty shit sorry if anyone owns one lol

Probably why its still in the box.

Considering most tabloid reporters have an IQ roughly equivalent to their shoe size it’s not suprising :roll_eyes:

And by IQ I mean collective…

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That is offensive to viruses. Viruses have a distinct set of instructions for a task and they complete that task with incredible efficiency. The media have IQs and morals equivalent to those little peanut looking things you see in your shit. Although that’s probably offensive to those little peanut looking things…


i have been skooled


Anyone see this report of an incident in Melbourne on Monday ?
Somehow I don’t think the rifle the guy had was a real one… But no where in the whole report is the term gel blaster used !

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there is so much wrong with that article i don’t know where to start

Yep, typical media & police BS… Have to keep the negativity about fire arms in general going.

That dude seriously wanted some pussy.


At first, I was going to say that I know the media often lies about gel blaster related incidents, but this may not be one of them.
Then I found this:

“It is alleged by police that Wittman “packed full military style Swat clothing” and “a large assault rifle style battery powered gel blaster”, before returning to the shelter at 10.20pm.”

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Ahhh, so was a gel blaster ! Thanks for finding this… Most other reports on this incident are very misleading then, getting the public to think there are lots of real assault rifles in the community. Plus it makes the cops look better.

Yeah I saw over 4 articles before I searched his name with gel blaster, and found only 1 results that had gel blaster in search result.

Which made it even more odd, as the judge would have known it was a toy ■■■ when I read that:
The magistrate said the extremely serious threats made with loaded firearms meant the community would be at risk if Wittman was freed on bail.