The new M4A1 gen 8.5

The new M4A1 gen 8.5 is way more of a beast then just 1 month ago, inside is sooo much better! I do believe I need a new one now :joy:

i’ve been meaning to ask…

what is a gen 8.5?

is it some whacked out mash of both “standards” like the JJ SLR?

Just a gen8 with nylon body and gearbox, isn’t it?

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Yep, just nylon receiver and gearbox is all.


The .5 is marketing tripe?

I’m guessing so. Sort of a half-arsed upgrade from the crap ABS box but not so far as putting in a V2.

Here is the specs advertised .

Just like the old Gen 8 you know and love but better. Jinming have updated the M4A1 Gen 8.5 to have nylon gears and gearbox case, plus nylon reciever instead of the brittle ABS of the original Gen 8.


  • Nylon shell construction and nylon gearbox case + gears
  • 235fps and 10rps out of the box