The new mac 10 blaster

It is different. Just haven’t opened it too have a look. See how busy I am? Nearly a week and it’s still as delivered. :crazy_face:

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Forgot to say, I ordered a waterpistol … Pew pew… :wink:

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Goodonya! :clap::clap::clap:

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Changed my stock barrel to a 7.5 ali and its just spitting gels soflty ,only a few meters. Didnt even bother to chrono. Tried akas and green ultras.

Not planning on opening the gearbox so if i can’t fix i might put the stock barrel back lol. Ive seen plenty of ppl have done it so hopefully doesnt come to that. The stock barrel was held in with old masking tape and i epoxied mine . Makes sense.

Something to consider.
Most gels grow to between 7.2 - 7.4mm
At around 250 and higher, gels are pushed hard enough against both inertia and the column of air in the barrel in front of it to flatten and seal against the sides of the barrel. The higher the fps, the better the seal (and drag) in 7.5mm barrels.

At low fps, 120-180 and in particular, with shorter barrels, the gels do not flatten as much. Hence you can have some/no seal in a 7.5mm. You can use soft gels that flatten easily but where’s the fun in that?

At these lower speeds, a tighter barrel would work better. Softer gels are compressed and flatten more easily and so are more likely to seal against the sides of the barrel. Hard gels are more likely to jam a tight barrel.

Mac10s are usually 170-180fps with a 16cm barrel. I reckon you’d need to be pushing high 200s to get some seal in a short 7.5mm.
Make sense?

Yep sure does.
Really didnt expect such big difference in swapping it over being so short.

If i shine a light in the magwell into the tpce and look down the end of the barrel theres a ring of light around the nozzle. Maybe thicker nozzle may help a bit but really not going down that path. I didnt even take the tpce out when swapping cause i cbf with this weird little box.

Stock barrel it is

Light may not be indicative.
Suggest you cycle the blaster until both nozzle and piston are at rest postions.
Then blow into barrel. Some air may still escape via the piston but that’s how you could tell if you have an adequate seal at the nozzle, short of dismantling.

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Swapped over to stock barrel and my mac10 has its mojo back thanks

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No worries.
If you check the ‘BY MAC10 Dive in’ thread, I think I fitted a tight alloy barrel.
Gels literally ‘pop’ out. :grin: