The new metal AKs

So has anyone here got their hands on the new model AK blasters just released?

Any detailed pictures and thoughts on the finish?


Not yet but im definitely looking into one of those bad boys. Would be interesting to hear any feedback on them as i havent heard much about them

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The “decision” to use RX AK-47 mags is a deal-breaker for me.

Plenty of people won’t care, but I can’t justify $600 on a blaster that will annoy me every time I look at it.

Still very keen to hear how they hold up.

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Interesting vid, looks like a bit of a job to get into it, interesting that it has a 7.4 batt standard and he’s changed all that already.

I guess it’s a 35cm metal barrel, l wonder what the internal ID is?

Yes I think the RX AK47 mag was a mistake as I’m not sure what model they were going for, if you got rid of the AK74 type muzzle brake and slotted butt, it would be a good copy of an AKM, but its not a 47 or a 74.

What problems are you having wirh the mags ? My RX Ak mags work flawlessly as long as the gels are dry


If they are the same as all the other APS blasters the barrel will be 7.5mm id

Not a functional criticism, but as @Gav has pointed out, this blaster has an identity crisis.


Ahh got ya , that sounds like it’s right up my alley then :rofl:


i got one its a pretty cool blaster but i am a fan of drum mags but the rx drum mags seem pretty crapp i broke it in the first game

the rx drum mags if i didnt get a shonky one is pretty poorly made no strength were the drum meets the part that attaches to the ak mag slot

you will need to do the rear battery wire option as you need a small battery to fit in the front forgrip area

and it has a ST/ST barrel 7.5mm the armour tech yellow work well but the std milkies are not too accurate also does not come with a hopup

the semi and full auto are in the wrong places it goes safe semi and full
as opposed to safe full and semi
this is soviet doctrine so the soldier doesnt switch to full auto under intense situations

Got mine thursday and ordered Tuesday night, Thanks Brent - Azraels.
Love it, had to wire up some mini tamiya for the b6 charger, tried it with some old xforce gels… nope not good food it all - spat it out and refused to eat most of the time. chucked some yellow AT through and brilliant - prob punching close to 280-290 and this thing is solid, it feels just the right weight, blowback gives a good amount of kick and feels nice.

Highly recommended!!!

I’ve put the red dot and foregrip on.


Im waiting on mine in the mail. Trying to find the right top rail attachment for it if anyone know what fits.

Id prefer the kind gilly has in the t.e.h. platinum ak range video

Also i think someone will eventually come out with a 74 bakelite style mag.

Would have rather have had an akm or ak47 but still pretty damn excited

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so i took it out for its first run at mango hill on sunday, for the most part great - needs a hopup!
It does seem to have some feeding issues on auto, semi seems to work better, i’m not sure if its the mag - shitty rx mags or if its the v3 box design as i notice the tpiece is not always cleared to allow a gel in sometimes on auto.

i’ll take a video of it tonight and show you all what i mean.
I think Azraels has some metal mags for it so i’ll check them out too :slight_smile:

Pretty bloody happy with mine atm.


Love the case!

Can you put up a link to where you got it from please?

Case is from supercheap auto. They only have the bigger size here in w.a. now. I have 4 of these

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Yeah Toolpro have a big selection with cases suitable for everything from pistols to rifles .
The wife is a member so discount!
This is also the big one… this photo just doesn’t show how big it really is…


Gave mine a pretty good run today , emptied a battery on it and about 20 mags. Theyre massive mags too.
Not 1 issue with it and it finished the day as good as it started.


Just put a Gate Titan in my Combat Arms AK74L. Runs amazing now with Binary instead of standard semi and a fire rate in auto that would scare anyone!

The mosfet