The occasional double fire of gels

Hi guys,
If every now and then while you’re firing and a second gel spews out whats the cause and fix?
I’m assuming the magazine is slightly faster than the firing so it loads a second gel every here and there.
Is there an easy fix like adding a resistor to slow the magazine or something.
Its not a major issue just sucks when you’re dialing up your hop up and every 4 or 5 shots it fires two and they both go anywhere.

cheers legends.


This happens to some of my blasters but only with certain gels. So I just tried a couple of types in each until I found the one that works best with each blaster. No moredoinle fire and higher fps as well.

Just swapping between milkies and Aus gel greens can change fps by 20-30 in my experience.


I find different gels can change a lot too!
i would try some and find which works the best


i’m a big fan of the alpha kings for that reason, fire the best in my mind too. armour tech ultra are ok but almost too hard and can jam easily.

hi, i can’t seem to find a link on this brand of gel ball O_O
is it under another name on like ebay or something?

no they are just hard as to find, try aka instead, i’ll post some links

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arh thank you sir :smiley:

also the 10k in pack is a lie, would be dirt cheap if true, its about 7k still better that armour tech ultra

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Could also try a harder return spring so the nozzle snaps back into t piece faster. Can also try short stroking teeth to reduce cycle length (do some research first)