The reason you should make sure you loctite your shit

Soooo. Best mate has a gen8

Gen8 stopped firing a few months ago. Took out the motor and noticed the bevel gear is shredded, right where it meets the spur.

Without pull it apart, i said, AR’s slipped and jammed the box. Hes like meh, was cheap cast gears anyway. Blaster gets shelved

Invite his son to mines birthday thats all about gel blasting, a set of gears will cost me about the same as a rental, so i go to fix his blaster

Pop the gearbox and shits fucked

Id say, the piston head screw come loose, and jammed into the spring, and jammed the gears, motor spins bevel, shreds it

What i cant work out is how the metal tooth in piston SHATTERED. (Thats he puddle of metal below the sector, thats not from the sector gear)

There is also a hairline crack through the front of the gearbox, and the spring retainer doesnt sit in the back of the box anymore. That pic was taken with it still in the left 1/2 of the receiver. As soon as i poped the box, retainer popped across the garage

I think thats an m100 spring, and its only bent like that as its sat cock eyed for months after the failure

Soo. Guys. Loctite your shit.


Just get yourself a new gearbox. They’re like $40 now. Then build up.

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Yeah i know. This was more a public service announcement

It also really needs a new receiver, he had dropped it once already and the back where the buffer tube attaches has been glued back on.

Id have to glue the receiver back together again anyway. All in all its now cheaper to give his son if he wants to get onto gel ball one of my cymas


That bent spring happens then the retainer tilts

Looks like 1/2 the bearings had collapsed too

Look really close in the first pic. You can see the head screw jammed between the retainer and the gears, throw a coil in the spring.

Its kept its bend as its sat like that for months

Looks like most of my Gen8’s :joy::joy::joy:

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Hey @Ssrotel
Have seen this destruction MANY times in my Gen8 test pigs :open_mouth:
Several issues I have picked up are:

Spring flex, especially with those unequal length springs!
THIS is why I use equal length springs in my high pig builds.
The spring retainer guide cops extreme loads when the springs flex, and is clearly shown in this pic;

Unequal springs that have this tight winding, just before the spring guide, are a recipe for disaster :open_mouth:
At this exact point shown in the pic, there’s only the single spring wire supporting the load of all of the coils in front of it.
At this point of compression, the spring is try to bend ANY direction except straight back!

The only direction it can flex, along with the piston, is up or down. The piston rails retain any side movement quite well, but not so great in resisting tilting :confused:
When the spring flexes at this precise moment, the piston/spring can lock up right at the tip of the retainer guide and BOOM…takes out piston racks, strips gears, hammers bushes/bearings and slams the spring retainer.

The poor 2 tab style retainers have a bad design flaw in trying to contain the constant VERTICAL flexing loads of the springs. The tabs are retained on the HORIZONTAL plane, which those higher spring loads can cause the retainer to pivot vertically within the housing :confused:

I have overcome this in the GEN8 pigs by converting to the metal buffer tubes and Bolt Thru retainers. This definitely has stopped ANY pivoting of the retainers within the rear of the gearbox through adding a much stronger anchor point for the retainers :+1:

I think manufacturers cottoned onto the issue after a while, most likely why the Bolt Thru buffers started to be introduced :thinking:
Modern designs, such as this CYMA are obviously much stronger and more stable when it comes to reducing pivoting of the retainers by eliminating the horizontal/vertical pivoting planes. :white_check_mark:

I could, and have, written another novel length reply here somewhere else about vertical loads from the spring being transferred through the piston rails, causing them to rise up against the top of the gearbox, lose meshing with the sector gear, also locking hard up against spring windings…this causes total destruction as well :joy:

I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
There’s soooo much more I have documented with the Gen8’s over a long time, But I’ll leave that for another day :grin:


I totally agree with you. And would have totally thought so too …But. Look where i have highlighted. You can see the piston head screw jammed infront of the spring retainer, and it stuck in the gears.

Id love to know how it got there, and how the metal tooth in the piston shattered.


Yeah I have had that exact same, screw sitting in the exact same place, with the exact same results :joy:
I Loctite everything, but the stuff still gets a hammering :confused:
The constant high speed shocks and forward/backward movement is going to break the grip on Loctite eventually. Especially when light oils/grease are added into the mix.
I have actually used Sikaflex between the Piston & Heads on some of my builds…too reduce shock and take loads off single screws holding the whole assembly together.

It works really well actually :joy:

Re: Metal Shattering…this event would have locked the piston solid at high speed…the sector gear is stronger than the rack teeth…something has to give way, and it did!


I would also like to know how TF that pickle got inside your spring :thinking:

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Pickle? Are we making a salad now :joy:

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Tell me that’s not a pickle and I’ll stand naked in the window of Coles on a Saturday morning 🤷

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Roger :+1: I just call it the spring guide :joy:


I usually don’t buy my spring guides from Coles :thinking:


Must be looking in the wrong isle?

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hold up…i need to organise the camera crew

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Be careful using loctite on poly, try using a dab of hot glue or other flexible adhesive instead.

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Yeah, I had a few of those poly’s…threw them all in the bin :confused:
Definitely not suitable for anything that has been upgraded, even sketchy with standard blasters. I found them to be very brittle.


We’re you the ones that had those clear poly cylinders?