"The Red Terror" (J.9 M4 Build)

Hi all, wanted to show off a functional WIP I have been building for my wife as a (late) Xmas present.
I present to you; “The Red Terror”

She is a Jinming Gen.9 M4A1, with red alloy handguard and buffer tube, Python stock and a silencer that is acting as both a barrel-stabiliser and hop-up holder. The Holo is a metal-shelled one (bought second hand) and is positioned as a clamp for the receiver and handguard.

For now, the only internal moidification is a 7.5mm alloy inner barrel - I had initially installed a 7.1mm tightbore, but she was shredding gels inside the barrel, so I rechambered her, and shortened the barrel. She is throwing accurately at 20 metres which is fine for her purpose.

My wife plans on unleashing her at our local CQB games (250 FPS limit); so when eventually get to doing the internal upgrades, I will be focusing on increasing the Rate of fire and trigger response while maintaining burst accuracy ~20m max.

This is my first custom, so have at it folks :slight_smile:


Nice rig. What’s the front sight?

Great job, looks the goods. I’m doing the same thing with a silencer on mine the house the hop up and stabilize the inner.

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I love the look you’ve achieved there! I had extreme accuracy problems with my 7.1 barrel, and like you went to a 7.5 alloy.

Great work there!

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Just a generic metal front iron sight with a picatinny mount