The sound of Silence!

What is everyones thoughts on silencers?
Yeah they look cool on the right blaster, do any of them work?
Which one do you guys like?
Do they normally skrew apart at both ends so you can fit a barrel mounted hop up inside?

Hello darkness my old friend…

I personally got one for my m4, and one coming for my acr too.
Prefer the look over muzzle break :smile:
Also my acr is running 40cm inner so that helps hiding it too

Yes u can fit hopup inside but ofcoz that depends on how much inner barrel extants into the silencer and the size of the hopup/silencer if they physiclly fits


The biggest noise from a gel blaster (electric at least) is the gear meshing noise. Unless you’re incredibly over-volumed, in which case you also get the noise of the piston smacking the cylinder head. I don’t think a silencer will help with either of those.

What I have seen demonstrated is using a silencer with nothing in it and the end cap opened up (or removed) to project the noise of the blaster downrange toward the people you’re shooting at (I suspect combined with a full cylinder on a relatively short barrel). That does make a difference!