The state of jinming

This has been on my mind for a while. Why jinming has to me had a massive fall of grace.
Now before you say I see nothing wrong with jinming let me voice my concern. Jinming is a veteran gel blaster manufacturer, releasing the gen 8 which kickstarted the gel blaster revolution or the massive popularity of gel blaster. Six months later jinming released the gen 9 which was a semi disappointment because of the front guard or handle but that was solved within a week. With that little hiccup the gen 9 was just as popular as the gen 8 albeit a bit more pricey. Later jinming gave the j10 which was a mixed bag it didn’t have the plethora of upgrades or after market parts as the gen 8 or 9 and it shipped with a 460 motor which are uncommon. The next blaster the j11 was the complete opposite to there previous blasters. It was terrible mainly due to after market part scarcity, the piss poor blowback feature and the fact it still shipped with a acrylic barrel. It was actually obseleted by the alpha king lineup. Most people I know refere to the j11 as jinmings blowback test rig. The j12 urrr um… it exists. And now the j13… Why I haven’t seen much of it but I do suppose it’s typical jinming fashion average to sub average nylon acrylic barrel and the fact that it ships with I believe a gen 8. The fact it’s a HK 416 really makes me question their thought process why do a HK when ldt already has the 416 model perfected. I believe if jinming doesn’t wake up and face the music I believe they will cease as a company as their competitors are adapting to the change of the industry, such as metal barrel being practically standard, fire select and having a back catalogue of after market parts. This is just my take, though I would like to hear other people’s opinions


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Didn’t they also have a factory raided in China back in feb? From my understanding of what I was told that knocked the business pretty hard.

I have 2 blasters by them. A j9 and a acr j-10r.(the acr that uses their j12 ak mags which tbh are freaking amazing. I agree though their quality has gone down a fair bit. But you have a lot of companies upping their game while jm took a bit hit. Then covid hit. So it’s probably been very hard for them to get a foothold again. That being said. I still think for entry level their blasters are cheap and reliable enough for use (possibly excluding their ak line. But I’ve seen some good ones out in the wild)

Have you also noticed the average price of blasters now though too? Back when they were the top. You’d pay 150-200 for one. Now the average price of a blaster is 300+ unless it’s of the cheaper variation.

You have companies like ceh shelling their “atomic armoury” crap trying to make it look like their coming from ■■■■■■■ when all they really want is a bit of street cred from the uninitiated. They sell a nylon shell gearbox for 3-400 alone just cause it has metal gears and a silver wire kit (buying the parts and doing it yourself would only cost around 150) and their gearboxes mostly come without a motor making it even worse.

M4a1 have much better prices. But selling a full metal wells cqb for $500. Isn’t too bad but when you can get their mk18 gold with full mosfet for about 6-7. It makes it a little obsolete.

Tac edge. Well I’ve bought 3 blasters from them. And had almost 3 blasters broken out of the box.

Tac toys. Let’s not even get into those sharks.

X force. Honestly their pretty solid. Same with azreals armory (excluding the store owner loves to be on video without safety glasses using blasters :man_facepalming:). Now you also have all the little shops that are popping around. None much really cheap. But offering good stuff.

But the other big companies that supply them. We. Ldt. Jm. Bf. Ect. Face it most of them give you a sub par product. It’s up to us to make them worth the price. Ldt probably being the one exception. They live off of our money. Jingming has gone downhill. But they’ve taken a hit and trying to compete with us who buy the more expensive stuff now. They don’t have the production value as the rest imo. But they have a good place as a cheap semi reliable starter blaster. And their mod ability is Almost unrivalled.


Its Chinese manufacturing so Quality will Vary but my J12 is a nasty little beast straight from the box. My buddy got his and it was pushing averag 278 out of the box, he did oring and spring and she is doing 310 avg. That said I know a guy who got one that only did 240 OOTB and the mag wouldnt feed.


The only gripe with X force is the shipping like I know it’s so that X force can remain financially stable but m4a1 and tac edge do free shipping. But I like to hang around the X force YouTube channel cuz Vas is actually pretty reliable and funny and into depth. And I think jinming is becoming the entry level gel blaster company which is amazing because we do need a good solid entry level company which I think jinming has a monopoly on. And like you said jinming gel blasters are practically mod test rigs and are great for beginner modders


They do free over $100


Oh ok that’s pretty neat

Agree that they’ve made some “interesting” choices along the way. While I still have a couple of ABS Gen 8’s, I really feel the J9 was the sweet spot for them - solid nylon build, classic M4 handguard/STANAG mag looks, and the move to “standard” buffer tube/stock and threaded handguard connectors made it their most versatile blaster to this day. Performance won’t stack up to the premium options out there now, but they really set the benchmark for what a “basic” blaster should be, hence the 4 in my arsenal.

Let’s not forget the V2 MP5 - only just recently overshadowed by the high-end LDT, but cheap enough that I have 4 for the same price :slight_smile:

SCAR V2 was another high point for them, and I still have a couple.

Also have a couple of J10’s - at the time of release, they were a very high quality build, and proved popular despite the (relative) lack of customization options. Horribly expensive stocks and handguards for those who really want to change up the look. Have yet to grab the “AK mag” version (currently a “wait and hold” due to legislative shenanigans in SA)

J11 was the WTF moment - we expected a “real” AK and we got some half-baked “tacticool” thing with an M4 stock. I still own 3 because they ended up going so cheap ($80), with enough ways to create different looks (mags, stocks, dust covers, handgrips) in the end. The “wood-look” furniture variant came late in the piece, and this is better catered to with real wood Alpha Kings or RX’s, or premium metal/wood offerings.

J12 is a solid performer and deserves some love! Interchangeable mags and handgrip with J11 for bonus points. Still prefer my MST’s for build quality, even though detail is sharper on the J12, it’s just more flimsy in some areas - especially fire selector (as with J11).

J13 was unexpected, as was the return of the proprietary Gen 8 stock connector :frowning: , but a 416 variant at half the price of the (no doubt superior) LDT still makes sense in the marketplace, and surely a step up from the horrible FJS 416.

X1 was also a surprise addition, given the existing glut of Glocks. Not sure if I can knowingly buy a blaster that says “Glock 21 AUFTRLA 45Auto” on the slide :stuck_out_tongue:

Jinming blasters actually account for 25% of my entire collection, at three times more than the nearest competitor. I think that says a lot about their lasting appeal, function, value, and performance (stock or otherwise).

While we might judge them more harshly because of what they “were”, I don’t think JM have really ever stopped doing what they do well - churning out effective and affordable blasters for the mass market. Niche/performance players have emerged, and it looks like JM isn’t chasing them.


Interesting points, low guido basically said when he was doing the j11 review it was cool for about a week then alpha king came out and stole their thunder. (Those were not his exact words)
Also the mp5 V2 was my first blaster

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Early images showed it with a solid stock (below) - people went nuts when the production version appeared with the M4 stock and made it look even less like an AK.

Jinming_J11 (2)

Then there was the whole blowback/no-blowback debacle. I gave it a wide berth until they were more or less giving them away :slight_smile:

As you said, the Alpha King was perfectly timed to capitalize on the J11 hate and give people a “real” modern AK.

You do have to pay for the smaller orders for x force but their delivery are solid though too. I order on Monday. I have it on Thursday. Other companies take a good week or more.

I agree with the j9 platform too. Great to get into and moddable to be exactly what you want.


One thing I truly love from JM is their scar mags in blac & tan. SOme places refer to themas SCAR mags, some call them JM gen 8 Mags.

Thus far I have not found an M4 frame (HK416 included) that doesn’t work with them (CYMA & Kublai I installed the 3k mods Tpiece adapter onto and these mags are solid).

Actually, that reminds me of a significant J9/10 gripe - the (unnecessarily) redesigned magwell that prevents use of SCAR/Gen 8 mags without modification.

I dont own a J9 but I am happy i have mags that fit both my SCAR’s, my CYMA CQB & my HK416D V3.

Now if only i could get mags that fit my Alpha King 74MS and the J12 74U I would be laughing.

Yep, I’m cursed with RX, Alpha King, MST, and JM AK’s that are all special little snowflakes when it comes to mag design :slight_smile:

Ha just skimmed this thread Ill have to come back and read it all but agreed so much on this. And those stocks were left over j9 stuff yeah haha?
Im kind of hoping they redeem them selves with these new pistols!!!:thinking:

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Not only the stock but the mag contacts could be easily ripped off by the mag clip

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If you take out a little bit of the magwell in a few spots the j9 can fit gen 8 mags. Personally I prefer the acr mags though.

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Given the ‘calibre’ (so to speak) of the current top tier factory offerings (like your full metal M4s and AKs etc.) there’s little wonder why a lot of folks rubbish entry-level offerings like JinMing. But, what isn’t being taken into account here is the high level of disposable income a lot of folks have to spend on Gel Blasters these days. Why get an entry-level blaster when you can go and buy an already very high performing blaster?
Well, me personally, I fall into the lower budget category so companies like JinMing are saving graces which allow me to partake in this wonderful sport/hobby/past time without breaking my bank. Would I be outclassed if I took a stock JM/BF/ZH etc. to a field? Absolutely. But there is an upside IMO. I love tinkering and modding and be fkd of I’m going to take a dremel with a cut off wheel to a High end blaster. But I’ll happily do it to a low end blaster and the plus is I’ll (hopefully) end up with something that is unique.
There are definitely places for all grades of Blasters.


Yes this!

Every single blaster I’ve owned I have in some way went and modified it to be exactly what I wanted. Even my more expensive mp5 (I got jipped and got the nylon “please shreds my gears” version. So had to do a full metal upgrade. But man does she purr now).

Half of my joy of the sport is building up my blaster. I’d lose so much enjoyment just buying an out of the box perfect package.

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