The state of South Australian fields

Hey guys, I’ll be writing this to multiple groups so heads up for repetition if you are in all of them as-well.

Fields in SA are in danger of shutting down due to dwindling numbers, and less people are interested in getting into the sport thanks to the hoops we have to jump through.

One common excuse I hear for people not coming out to fields is “I don’t like hire blasters” or “I’m waiting for mine to be registered”. To be blunt, thats a bloody cop-out and a piss poor excuse. If you have no money to spend I understand, but the longer you put off going out to a field, the more chance of having no fields to go to happens.

I get it, using your own blaster is something else. But you can still have a TONNE of fun with the hire blasters too.

If you don’t have your own blaster’s yet and are sitting there waiting for all the paper work etc. PLEASE still go out to your local fields, there are bugger all left and prices are great. Set aside $50 a week or even a fortnight to go out and try out the fields.

I can’t speak for The Battle for Waterloo, but I know that The Bunka Indoor CQB is struggling to keep its doors open at the moment, due to constant cancellations. The Bunka needs a minimum of 6 people to come, SIX! Yes it’s not open day style but it’s open on a weekday AND weekends. All you have to do is sort out a day with your mates and lock it in with them. Also it’s indoors, so you’re not going to be stuck outside soaking wet in all your gear if the weather decides to be temperamental over the winter period. The wet is fun, but some days the weather is a bit to hectic to play outdoors comfortably.

In short, if the fields get shut down, there will be no plausible reason to own Gelblasters and SAPOL will win, because we won’t have anywhere to go to legally use our blasters anywhere.

I love this sport as much as the next person, and I want to have this hobby to go to when I need to get some exercise and stress relief. Having a variety of fields to go to will keep things interesting and help the community thrive.

Please guys, support your local fields, try out ones you haven’t been to before, and stop sitting around waiting for paperwork when you have the opportunity to go out blasting with your mates.


Here is an unusual question? What if I am from QLD and want to come down there with my blaster for an event? Licensing wise I imagine it gets complicated. I’m sure SAPOL do the usual firearms rules of equivalent licensing for visitors is gone. But nobody else has GB licensing? Or is it PB licensing there?

Like firearms I’m pretty sure you could take them during your visit without registration. Maybe they’d have a permit system or a letter from a field as you’re not a SA resident.

To be quite honest, I have no idea.

I’m sure there is a system in place which would allow you to get a permit to use them at registered venues. I know there is someone working in the background to help facilitate QLD players coming down and playing with their blasters for comps

Here is a quick heads up for any interstate visitors who would like to have a blast on the cheap, and for SA people to get back into the swing if you don’t have your licence yet or are refused even!
Doug from Safari Zoomer is trying to get the spirit back and maybe those who have not had a good run with the law for whatever reason can still participate as a member of the public and Yes, I know it sucks that you have to hire a blaster but that is above board and legal. You can still help the community by bringing a friend or relative and getting them involved. This is short notice and I apologise as I only got it myself. You can expect more though.


$25 for 5 hours of pew pew and blaster hire is damn good value :+1: