The YouTube channel formerly known as Gelsoft Warrior


Admittedly I haven’t paid in-depth attention to your videos, but I’ve never come across anything defamatory or even border line that would make me think of dropping you a message. Sounds more like some folks are salty and don’t want to be told they are doing the wrong thing. Just sabre rattling …

Keep doing what you’re doing.


Who’s the tard trying to get “gel blaster” (I cant remember the word) locked? :joy:. That’s like doing it to “t-shirt” or “milk”…

Though. I love the sound of their responses. Classical narcissistic/gaslighting there. If you can’t escape. Deflect or deny what’s being presented you turn it around and accuse the other of something so they feel the need to defend themselves. Therefore making the innocent party appear as if they are the guilty party. Takes the attention off the issue at hand and lets the situation unravel away from what it’s designed intention was. :roll_eyes:


Hard to prove defamation if you’re stating and commentating what they have written on their website.
And good luck to whoever’s trying to trademark Gel blaster.
Really sucks that they’ve resorted to these tactics when you’re just trying to better the industry and consumer experience.

I’m pretty sure you can’t trademark a description for an item in the public domain :joy:


Yeah it’s the generic common name of it - with plenty of police reports, news article, legal forms and court documents using that term.
Not a cheap exercise too - I remember years ago it costs a thousand or two for the the 1st filing which doesn’t guarantee you’d get it.

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Is it illegal for a store to send a blaster to NSW from Qld or do they just choose not to?

I think the BBC would be the only ones who would care maybe lol.

Joking aside that sux @GelSoft_Warrior but again handled like a gentleman. Whoevers claiming bully needs a headcheck.

Back to joking u could claim its ‘gels - operation fuck tactoys’ but again , the name thing :joy:

And surely someone out there can claim they came up with the name 1st? With hopefull some concrete evidence to strip them of it.

Most of the GBB retailers out there don’t have the money to engage a lawyer let alone kick off defamation proceedings. It’s a hollow threat. Only a couple I can think of actually have the brass to fund any form of litigation.

tac edge have gelsoft and in process of getting gel blaster

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Shit i didnt guess it was t.e.h. , bit shady of them.

Cant se gel blaster working tho , unless its australia inclusive only , as china really owns it.

Whats next gel ball , have to start calling them crystal water buletts to be safe .

And gotta change the forum name lolol


Splatter balls and Splatter ball bang bang :rofl::joy::rofl:


It’s hydrated sodium polyacrylate high velocity ejectors :sob:


That doesnt really roll off the toungue so how bout we shorten it to H.S.P.H.V.E.'s.

May sound weird if youre asking a mate if they have any HSPHVE’s , could be confused with an STI and i dont mean the subaru.


We did our own due diligence in Dec 2018 and registered a few names of our own. I believe the term is ‘honest concurrent use’ should anyone endeavour to claim trademark infringement on GBF.


It’s also worth noting that the trademark is only registered in class 28 and has not been accepted. You know… anyone could fire up a go fund me to fund an opposition to the trademark before it is accepted in 6 Nov?


I do like crystal ball blasters

Pewpew Crystals?

Hold up buddy. If I’m reading this correctly the GELSOFT Tradmark is only for goods or services. As in physical goods or services, do you sell t-shirts or merch?

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