Think I might of got a fake SHS mother

I finally had my SHS motor turn up from BigBossTactical and it is matt black and has a black magnet. I read somewhere that those are fakes. Can’t someone confirm this or is this just rumours

also turn the pinion be fuck all resistance. should be glossy black with black cap screws.
i liked when i messaged a vendor that they sent me a fake one they said they knew there were fakes mixed in. send em anyway incase you are none the wiser i suppose. least pop the plastic container they come in to check at least ffs before sending.


Hey @Spydakus I hope your mother isn’t fake , that would be devastating!
Even worse than a fake motor :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


lol I hope she not fake either :joy:

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Yeah there is no resistance when turning the motor. Damn, what a disappointment. Oh well, let’s hope their customer service is good :stuck_out_tongue:


This isnt the first fake motor to come from bigboss unfortunately…